Kohler DTV Shower Systems – Personalize Your Shower

Kohler DTV Shower Systems

Kohler DTV shower systems transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like environment by combining water, steam, sound and light into one unique, customizable experience. With one electronic control panel, you can create a shower unlike any other.

Complete Personalization

Personalized hydrotherapy offers a relaxing spa-like experience in your very own home. Kohler DTV shower systems provide you with the ability to control every aspect of your shower, including the temperature, the intensity of the spray from the numerous jets, and even the water delivery angle. A menu-based navigation system makes everything easy to use. DTV II provides even more outstanding control, allowing you to incorporate your favorite music, personalized lighting, and even steam into your shower experience. There are six presets available to you so that you can create unique experiences and save them for a later date.

Integrated Digital Controls

The integrated digital controls are easy to set and use. There are two systems from which to choose:

Standard DTV Digital Interface

In the standard model, you get:

  • Six presets for saving and accessing your favorite experiences
  • Temperature and hydro-massage treatment programs
  • Installation options ranging from preset to custom programming
  • Nearly unlimited showering options

The standard interface attaches to the wall of your shower via a magnet, making it easy to remove and clean. The LCD display is large and easy-to-read, and you can access all of your favorite environments with just one touch. No longer do you need multiple valve handles to change the temperature or intensity of your shower; all you need is the simple and efficient DTV digital interface.

DTV II Digital Interface

The DTV II Interface takes things a step further, allowing you to access options that are even more therapeutic from a single control panel. With the DTV II system, you get everything included in the standard interface, plus:

  • Integrated chromatherapy, lighting, audio, and steam controls
  • Wireless or Ethernet internet connection for streaming music from your network
  • Includes a 30ft cable allowing the panel to be installed a distance from the shower, if desired

Like the standard interface, the DTV II system allows for easy cleaning with its magnetic control. With the large LCD screen, it is easy to choose your preset experiences or create your own. Whether you want to rock and roll with bright lights or relax in a dim environment with your favorite classical music, you can control it all with the push of a button.

Behind the Wall: The System Components

Although the intuitive control panel is the part of the DTV system you see and the part with which you interact, there is much more behind the wall. Two components, including the Digital Thermostatic Valve (from which the system gets its name) and the media module for the DTV II system, provide your therapeutic experience.

DTV Six-Port Thermostatic Valve

The digital thermostatic valve is the main component in a DTV system, and Kohler’s gives you plenty of ports to customize your experience. Features of the valve include:

  • A digital control for precise temperatures
  • Standard ¾” hot and cold supply line access
  • Six available outlets
  • 21 gallon per minute delivery at a maximum of 45 psi

This valve is ideal for use in showering or bathing applications, and when used with a second valve in Kohler’s DTV+ system, it allows for additional ports and two water temperatures at once.

Media Module for DTV II

The media module offers the lighting, steam control, music, and more that gives you the most personalized showering experience available today. It elevates the entire experience, giving you access to chromatherapy and even your very own playlist via internet connectivity. Features include:

  • One-button access to a multifaceted showering experience
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Connections for digital mixing, two digital interface panels, lights, audio, internet, steam, or any other peripheral.

The media module works alongside Kohler’s DTV system to provide a relaxing or rejuvenating experience with complete sensory immersion. Sight, sound, temperature, touch – it is all included in the DTV II system from Kohler.

 Kohler DTV Interface

Kohler DTV - Behind the Wall

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Delta Trinsic Collection – Sleek Elegance of Modern Design

Delta Trinsic Faucet Collection
Aside from its beautiful, modern aesthetic appeal, the Delta Trinsic Collection also provides lasting functionality and enhanced performance. These faucets and more come with innovative features and in plenty of designs to complement any kitchen or bathroom.


Delta Trinsic Kitchen Products

Colors and Styles

Your kitchen faucets should be as versatile as your decorating style, and that is why Delta offers several unique colors and styles. You can choose from eight different faucets, including single-handle bar/prep faucets and center-set kitchen faucets. There are also pullout single handle faucets, giving you more freedom, and faucet sets with Touch20 Technology allow you to activate the flow of water with nothing more than the touch of your hand. All of these faucets are available in a range of colors and finishes, including Champagne Bronze, Matte Black, Chrome, and Arctic Stainless.

Innovative Features and Technologies

Delta takes kitchen faucets to a brand new level with the inclusion of several technologies designed to make life simpler and easier. These include:

  • DIAMOND Seal Technology – combines the strength of diamond with the flexibility of InnoFlex PEX waterways to ensure that your faucets last a lifetime. The DIAMOND Valve cartridge allows users to set the range of handle motion, too, preventing scalds.
  • Touch Clean – Rather than a traditional screen aerator, the Delta faucets that make up the Trinsic collection contain soft rubber nubs that make cleaning easier than ever. Simply wipe and go!
  • Water Efficiency – Delta Trinsic faucets offer a flow rate of 1.5 to 1.8 gallons per minute, which is significantly less than the industry standard 2.2 gallons per minute.
  • MagnaTite Docking – Pull-down spray wands make installation simple, and they provide more controlled spray right where you need it. Delta’s MagnaTite technology ensures that the wand stays firmly in place while docked thanks to powerful magnets. Most of the wands also have a toggle feature, allowing you to switch between stream and aerated spray with a single touch of your finger.
  • Touch20 Technology – Cooking and cleaning is a snap in the kitchen with Touch20 Technology. Simply use your hand, wrist, or forearm to tap anywhere on the spout or handle to start or stop the flow of water.


Delta Trinsic Bath Products

Colors and Styles

Delta’s Trinsic Bath collection allows you to create any look imaginable in your bathtub and sink area, but it also provides you with features that are innovative and exciting. The long-lasting, affordable hardware from Delta allows you to get the look and style you want in your bathroom at an affordable price. You will find products to fit your bath and shower, Roman tub, bidet, and more, and you can even purchase complementary grab bars, towel bars, and tissue holders. These are available in Champagne Bronze, Venetian Bronze, Stainless, and Chrome.

Innovative Features and Technologies

Like the Delta Trinsic kitchen line, Delta’s collection of bathroom products offers unique features that will save you time and money while boosting your comfort level. These include:

  • DIAMOND Seal Technology – the amazing properties of diamonds create faucets that work like new for years to come. The DIAMOND valves also allow you to set the maximum water temperatures to prevent scalds and burns.
  • H20Kinetic Showers – The H20Kinetic technology gives you a lower flow from your showerhead – but it does not feel like a low flow shower. Unique internal systems control everything from the speed of motion, droplet size, and even movement angle of the water to make you feel as if you are using more water than a standard shower when you are actually using much less.
  • WaterSense Products – Many of the products in the Delta Trinsic collection bear the WaterSense label, which means they meet strict guidelines set forth by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regarding water conservation.
  • Delta Monitor – Something as simple as opening a faucet or flushing a toilet can cause potentially unsafe changes in water temperature during a shower. Fortunately, Delta Monitor faucets incorporate a special pressure balance valve to help keep temperature within a safer range as you shower. They also include a high-limit stop, which prevents children or even adults from scalding themselves with high-temperature water.
  • Water Efficiency – The bathroom faucets in the Trinsic collection use 1.5 gallons per minute instead of the industry standard rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Showerheads and hand showers use 1.5 or 2.0 gallons per minute instead of 2.5.

If you are searching for beautiful products that will last a lifetime, give you access to convenient features, and even help you in your quest to preserve water for the sake of the planet and your budget, then the Delta Trinsic collection is the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom.


Photos from the Delta Trinsic Kitchen Collection


Photos from the Delta Trinsic Bathroom Collection

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How to Install a Delta Pilar Kitchen Faucet with Touch20 Technology

YouTube Preview Image

Delta Touch faucets are the perfect way to bring the latest hands free technology into your kitchen and add some aesthetic beauty at the same time. Whether you have children that are constantly leaving dirt and grime on the faucets or you simply want to be able to keep both hands free for cleaning Delta’s Touch technology will make life a little easier.

Delta has made it easy to install these faucets so that the average consumer can do it themselves in seven easy steps by watching this video. Before you begin take the time to open the package and ensure its contents are complete. Prepare your work area by bringing out your assembly tools which should include two adjustable wrenches, a flashlight and silicone incase your counter has rough or uneven surfaces. The seven steps you will follow are listed below along with the pieces that will be required for each, giving you the chance to layout the items prior to watching the video.

1. Install Spout – you will need packet 1, a Phillips screwdriver, the spout and the isolation plate.

2. Install the Valve – you will need packet 2, the faucet valve, the solenoid valve and the hose that is provided in the package.

3. Install the Side Sprayer – please note this step can be skipped if you opted for a faucet without the side spray attachment. You will need packet 3 and the side sprayer unit.

4. Make the wiring connections – you will need the battery box and six double batteries.

5. Connect the Water Lines – you will need packet 4 and two adjustable wrenches.

6. Flushing the lines – you will only need the aeration valve tool that is provided in the package.

7. Test the Faucet Operation – no tools or materials needed.

After these seven easy steps your faucet will be installed and ready for use! For additional information from the manufacturer visit http://www.deltafaucet.com/touch

For more product information and pricing, please visit our site at http://www.faucetdepot.com/man-cat/Delta-Pilar-860-0-54.asp

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Delta In2ition Two in One Showerhead

Delta’s In2ition showerhead provides a combination of a traditional rain shower unit with a removable showerhead and blends the two into one. The result is a showering experience like no other! You are able to determine whether you want the water to come out of the removable showerhead, the main showerhead or both allowing you to deliver the water exactly where you need it.

Delta’s innovation doesn’t stop at simply blending two showering options into one; the In2ition units also offer anDelta In2ition Two In One Showeradjustable flow dial that gives you the option to set the pace of the water. Select a massage spray on slow or fast or set the water to stream out steadily, your options for water delivery are endless. Delta even offers a pause button giving you the option to conserve water while shaving or lathering up, an excellent money saving and eco-friendly feature.

The In2ition series contains a special rubberized coating on the nozzle so that you can simply run your fingers over the showerhead and remove build up instantly, a simple and practical way to keep the spray clean and consistent. Delta’s In2ition showerhead is offered in a traditional or classic unit a variety of finishes from Venetian bronze to stainless. Select a Delta In2ition unit today and put the luxury back into your shower!

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Earth Day Checklist

Earth Day ChecklistEarth Day was founded in 1970 and each year on April 22 is the anniversary of what many consider the awakening of environmental consciousness. Before we started to become ‘hip’ to loving the planet we were driving around in gas guzzling cars while huge industries were producing mass amounts or pollutants and water was being wasted on a unimaginable scale. The environment was seldom a topic on the evening news and an even more distant thought in the minds of most of Americans. The year 1970 marked the beginning of this powerful movement and brought these important issues to main stream America.

It all started eight years earlier with the release of Rachel Carson’s New York Times bestseller “Silent Spring” in 1962. Through her book she raised public awareness, concern for living organisms, the environment and public health.  Her book sold an astonishing 500,000 copies in 24 countries and is viewed as a keystone in the modern environmental movement. Eight years later we have the official birth of earth day due to a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin by the name of Gaylord Nelson,  he was inspired to do change our current laws and mindset when he witnessed the devastation of a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA in 1969. Shortly after, he announced the idea for a “national teach-in on the environment” through the national media and a strong staff of 85; they started to promote events all across America. The end result was 20 million Americans taking to the streets, parks and auditoriums to rally for a healthy and sustainable environment. This was a movement like never seen before in respect to conservation and protection of the planet.

Over the last 42 years we have had great advances in green technologies and a cumulative positive mindset towards environmental consciousness. But it doesn’t end there, and together we all have to do our part to ensure our planet stays healthy for many more generations. That’s why we have compiled this checklist of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve water. If everyone does their small part, together we can make a big difference. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Earth Day Checklist:

1)      Don’t let the water run continuously when washing dishes, brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your hair.Delta-Filter-Faucet

2)      Run your washing machine and dish washer only when full.

3)      Install a filtered water dispenser instead of buying bottled water.

4)      Switch out one day of driving with walking or riding your bike.

5)      Replace your old showerhead with a new low-flow showerhead; this could save up to 750 gallons a month. Hansgrohe-Croma-EcoAIR-Showerhead

6)      Keep an eye on your water and energy bill to locate any leaks and update older appliances.

7)      Check your showers and faucets for leaks and replace your old rough in plumbing valve.

8)      Bring re-usable bags when you go food shopping.

9)      Look into replacing your tank type water heater with a new tankless water heater. Takagi-Tankless-Water-Heaters

10)   Set a timer when you shower for 5 minutes, this will save hundreds of gallons a month.

11)   Put food coloring into your toilet tank, if it shows up in your toilet bowl without flushing, then you have a leak and should replace the toilet flapper. This could save over 500 gallons a month.

12)   Swap out incandescent lights for energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.

13)   Upgrade your old toilet with a new high efficiency toilet or dual flush toilet. Kohler-Dual-Flush-Toilet

14)   Check your faucets for leaks and replace the cartridge if necessary, it’s a great DIY job.

15)   Check to make sure your sprinkler system is not over watering your lawn and only water early in the morning or late in the evening.

16)   Keep an eye on the Energy Star rating when buying new appliances, the higher the better.

17)   Install water saving aerators on all your faucets.

18)   Instant Hot Water Dispensers are a great alternative to running your hot water or using a microwave. Hot-Water-Dispensers

19)   Support local organic farms when it’s time to shop for food.

20)   Shop for faucets that have an EPA WaterSense label that can save 20% or more than a standard faucet.

21)   Turn off all your electronics and lights before you go to sleep.

22)   Switch to paperless statements for all of your bills.

23)   Garbage Disposals are great for breaking down food waste which is harmful in large quantities when left to decompose at a Garbage-Disposers landfill.

24)   Add a ventilation fan in your kitchen, bath and utility room to remove humidity which could cause harmful mold spores.

25)   Pass it on! Teaching younger and older generations about environmental conservation is the only way we can ensure a healthy planet.

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Delta Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Delta’s Pot Filler series brings the commercial quality of restaurant faucets into your home in a design that is flexible and easy to use. The Delta Pot Filler unit is ADA compliant and offers two shut off valves making it easy to turn the faucet on or off whether you are located near the wall or in front of the sink. Crafted from industrial traditions this faucet is capable of delivering up to four gallons of water per minute.

Delta also knows that when you are an avid cook you need to have a faucet that can fill and clean pots and pans quickly andDelta Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet get out of the way when it’s not in use. After researching common uses of pot filling faucets and kitchen sinks Delta incorporated a dual joint design that grants the user the option of having the faucet pulled out into the middle of the sink or pushed back to the wall freeing up the sink space completely.

Whether you are a world-class chef or a parent of five the Delta Pot Filler faucet provides the perfect way to bring a restaurant look and feel to your kitchen sink. The Pot Filler series is offered in Venetian bronze, stainless and chrome so you can find the perfect piece to accent your current décor. Select a Delta and bring world-class quality and craftsmanship to your kitchen today.

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Moen Lifeshine Finish Protects Your Faucets

Moen Lindley One Handle Low Arc Bathroom FaucetEvery homeowner wants to ensure that when they purchase a kitchen or bathroom fixture that it will not tarnish, flake or corrode and Moen understands. When you purchase a faucet you want something that is efficient, looks good and will last for as long as you own your home. Moen has teamed up with Nasa to develop its Lifeshine technology in order to deliver these exact specifications to your kitchen and bath. How does Lifeshine work exactly?

Lifeshine is a finish that has been researched and tested for several years to ensure that the fixture will not flake, tarnish or corrode over time despite being constantly exposed to water. Lifeshine also is abrasion and chemical resistant which is perfect for those instances when heavy-duty cleaners are used in the kitchen sink or lavatory. Lifeshine is built to last, as it is actually embedded in the finish and not merely painted on top of it. The result is a faucet that looks as good as it performs year after year.

Having Lifeshine built into the faucet finish allows the faucet to avoid corrosion and it assists the faucet in maintaining its brilliant color. It provides the ability to have the strength of chrome in a full array of colors on multiple lines of Moen’s faucets. Even more unbelievable is the fact that Lifeshine finish is eco-friendly! Moen understands that sustainability is just as important as beauty and durability to today’s consumers thus they have incorporated their Physical Vapor Deposition technique in order to eradicate toxins from the manufacturing process.

Leave it to Moen a leader in faucet technology to deliver a finish that beautifies and helps the homeowner feel good aboutMoen Arbor Kitchen Faucettheir purchase knowing the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. Lifeshine has been made available in nickel, satine, classic stainless, brushed bronze, brushed brass, polished brass and stainless ensuring you can find the perfect finish to match your current décor. Whether you select a high arc kitchen sink, a roman tub fixture or an ultramodern bathroom faucet you can be certain that Moen’s Lifeshine technology will help you enjoy that fixture for decades.

Best Kitchen Faucets

Best Kitchen FaucetsIf you are in the market for a new kitchen faucet and want to know which ones are the best, then you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a short list of faucets that we feel stand out from the rest. We’ve classified a top faucet for each of the major classes available, Pull-Out, Bridge, Two Handle, Single Handle, Modern, Cost Efficient and Luxury (that means expensive.) So let’s get started!

Our pick for a great Pull Out Kitchen Faucet is the Delta Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser and Diamond Seal Technology in brilliance stainless. This is the hottest kitchen faucet on the market right now. Not only does it look great and this version comes with a handy soap / lotion dispenser, it has Delta’s Touch20 Technology incorporated into the faucet. Meaning you can touch the faucetDelta Pilar Kitchen Faucet with Touch20 anywhere on the faucet neck or the handle to turn in on and off. It is also smart enough to know when you are touching it on and off as opposed to moving swiveling the neck from one side of the sink to the other. This Pilar model faucet has Delta’s Magnatite spray head docking system and Diamond Seal Technology, so the spray head won’t hang down and the faucet won’t leak like some other pull down faucets. You get all this for about $330, which isn’t bad for all this faucet brings to your kitchen.

American Standard Culinaire Collection Bridge Kitchen FaucetBridge Kitchen Faucets mimic the old, old style of faucets, when the plumbing pipes used to be above the counter as opposed to below. This is a great style for anyone looking to bring a bit of the early 1900’s into their home. Our pick is the American Standard Culinaire Collection Bridge Kitchen Faucet, in a satin nickel finish. The faucet is incorporated with American Standard’s Everclean technology to make cleaning your faucet a breeze and looking great for years to come. The Culinaire is a little pricier at around $475 but worth every penny if you are looking for a true quality bride kitchen faucet.

Our choice for a Two Handle Kitchen Faucet is the Moen Vestige Two-Handle Kitchen FaucetMoen Vestige Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray, in an oil rubbed bronze finish. We like this faucet for its old world styling that seems to look awesome in any kitchen on just about any countertop surface. The Vestige is intricately detailed and has a great high arch design to handle even the biggest pots and pans. Moderately priced around $370, we feel this would be a great quality two handle faucet for any kitchen.

Danze Parma Pre Rinse Kitchen FaucetSingle Handle Kitchen Faucets can be the focal point of your entire kitchen and that’s exactly what the Danze Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet will do for your kitchen. For the serious gourmet, the massive 22″ high goose neck can easily reach every nook and cranny in the sink. But don’t let its size fool you, with a simple touch of your finger the 2 function spray head easily switches from a steady flow to a powerful spray. All of this happens on a spring action wand head to make cleanup a cinch. Priced at $330, this faucet could easily be the center of attention at your next party.

For those with a more modern / contemporary taste we recommend the classically stainless steel, MoenMoen 90 Degree Kitchen Faucet 90 Degree Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is a VERY cool addition to your kitchen. The 90 Degree has smart pullout functionality with excellent reach for all your kitchen needs. This faucet comes with Hydrolock Quick Connect for easy installation and more importantly a Moen innovation, the Duralast 1255 cartridge. The 1255 cartridge is Moen’s crown jewel; this technology inside the faucet makes your faucet feel tight and new for a long, long time. Nicely priced at $300 the 90 degree is a quality faucet that appeals to the most contemporary tastes.

Delta Collins Kitchen FaucetIf budget is an issue for you, then the Delta Collins Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Matching Side Spray is a solid faucet for your dollar. The Collin’s faucet still has Delta’s signature Diamond Seal Technology for a leak free faucet and the neck swivels 170 degrees to easily reach both bowls of your kitchen sink. Priced around $130 this is a dependable and stylish faucet for the everyday kitchen.

If a luxury faucet is what you’re after, take a gander at the KWC Eve One Handle Pull-OutKWC Eve Kitchen Faucet Spray Kitchen Faucet. It really doesn’t matter what finish you choose, these bad boys are expensive! Weighing in at $1350, this is not the faucet for you if you’re on a tight budget. So why are they so expensive? I got this from the KWC website “KWC is the leader for luxury kitchen faucets in private and professional fields which successfully combines Swiss innovation with technology, precision and fascination. KWC is Water Performance.” The company is Swiss and was founded in 1874, so they’ve had a long time to perfect their craft. It’s like buying the Lamborghini of faucets (I know that’s Italian but I can’t think of any Swiss cars) and like everything else you get what you pay for. Plus this Eve Kitchen Faucet has a nifty LED light on the faucet head so you can….do your dishes in the dark?

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Moen Flushmount Body Sprays

Moen Flushmount Body SpraysThere is no better way to bring a spa-like experience to your home than to add body sprays into your shower. Body sprays make showering a total body experience as water is delivered to your head and body simultaneously and the best way to make this experience a reality is with Moen’s Flushmount body sprays. Moen’s Flushmount body sprays install flat against the wall and have the ability to blend seamlessly with tile as well as slate. Each unit has a full twenty-degree range of adjust-ability allowing each individual in the household to completely customize their bathing experience.

One of the main concerns of homeowners when selecting new faucets and showers is ease of installation and Moenhas this covered with units that work with adjustable mounting brackets allowing the body spray to be lined up perfectly with body sprays on the opposite wall of the shower. Moen makes it easy to save money by avoiding the need to hire a contractor to update your shower. The Flushmount body spray by Moen makes it easy to bring the spa into your home without breaking your budget.

Another benefit of selecting Flushmount body sprays is being able to create a minimalist feel in your bathroom. Moen has created these sprays to be flush with your wall for a reason and that is simplicity. Each spray is flat ensuring that there is nothing bulging from the walls, nothing to bump into or get caught on when showering. Moen has crafted each spray with efficiency and durability in mind and the result is a body spray that provides up to thirty three percent more coverage than standard body sprays offered by competitors. Moen doesn’t simply rest on its laurels by producing a spray that’s efficient they are also innovative.

A body spray is good when its made of high quality materials, it installs easily and sprays well however, its great when it alsoMoen Flushmount Body Spraydelivers incredible spray patterns. Moen has incorporated spiral shaped patterns within the nozzle to deliver a spray that not only cleans it revitalizes. Many of the Flushmount units also integrate Moen’s Immersion rainshower expertise allowing the user to become fully enveloped in the spray. The Flushmount spray has been made available in square as well as round shapes in an assortment of finishes from bronze to nickel.

Moen’s Flushmount spray systems have been crafted to be compatible with many of Moen’s vertical shower systems as well as their ioDigital controls. Combining the Flushmount spray with an ioDigital control system would allow the home owner to create a completely customizable system with flow and temperature presets that ensure a consistent experience each time the shower is used. Whether the Flushmount system is selected solely or combined with a vertical shower and ioDigital control consumers can’t lose with Moen quality and innovation.

For more product information and pricing, please visit  http://faucetdepot.com

For additional information from the manufacturer, visit http://www.moen.com/pressroom/press-release?id=6326

Moen Home Care Fold Down Shower Seat

Moen Home Care Fold Down Shower SeatEveryone’s bathroom needs are different whether you have a five year old living in your home or a ninety year old Moen has you covered with a full array of fixtures and units to ensure your bathroom is water efficient as well as safe to use. Moen believes your safety is a priority thus they have developed a new Home Care fold down shower seat. The new shower seat is the ideal way to add some extra assurance in the safety department to your tub or shower and with the name Moen you can be certain this seat will be around as long as you need it to be.

Understanding that the needs of the household will vary by individual, Moen has crafted this unit to screw into the wall for stability purposes and fold up when not in use. Since the unit folds up the entire shower does not need to be occupied by the chair and the chair does not have to be removed from the tub after each use. The fold down chair was also forged with aesthetics in mind thus it arrives in a teak finish making it easy on the eyes. Quality is something Moen never overlooks and so each unit is constructed of water resistant materials along with an aluminum frame to provide faithful service year after year.

When looking at shower seating it is obvious that comfort is an important factor and Moen’s Home Care fold down seat is no exception, offering a twenty inch by fifteen inch seating surface that can hold up to four hundred pounds the seat is able to meet the needs of the toughest critics. Moen stands behind its products offering a limited lifetime warranty and an ADA compliant unit. Add a bit of understated security to your tub with the Moen Home Care fold down shower seat and rest easy knowing that yourself or your loved one can shower without anxiety.

For additional information from the manufacturer, visit http://www.moen.com/pressroom/press-release?id=6328

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