Brasstech Plumbing Care

General instructions for cleaning and caring for your Brasstech faucets and bathroom fittings.
  • Brasstech faucets and bath fittings are made of solid brass and are of the finest quality. To maintain the finish on these items, please: Do not use any abrasive cleaners, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, detergents, brass or silver polish which will scratch the surface. Clean with a soft damp cloth.
  • Applying a coating of a non-abrasive liquid wax to the clean surface of the product will protect the finish
  • Brass ProTech, product of Brasstech, Inc., can be used on all types of decorative painted and plated finishes. Simply apply Brass ProTech with a soft cloth and let it dry. Remove by rubbing gently with a soft dry cloth. Brass ProTech does not contain harsh abrasives
  • We highly recommend using Brass ProTech regularly on items finished in Polished Nickel (15), Satin Nickel (15S), Polished Silver (25) and Satin Silver (25S).
  • Do not allow soap scum or minerals in water to build up on the surface finish of your faucets or bath fittings (including toothpaste). These will gradually wear away the protective coating or finish and diminish the beauty of your products.
  • Living Finishes and Uncoated Finishes: 03W, 08W, 25 and 25S are living finishes. 03N is an uncoated finish. Depending on maintenance and use, these finishes will naturally weather and change color. Our warranty does not cover living or uncoated finishes. Finish colors can vary and change in color is unpredictable.

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