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How to Choose the Right Shower

Kohler Watertile ShowerUsually the day begins with a shower, I know mine does.  Like my morning coffee, I just don’t feel right with out it.  Some of us jump in the shower in the P.M. hours to relax or rinse off the sweat from talking too much at the gym. (you know who you are.)  There is a huge expanse of showers, showerheads, and shower systems for you to choose from when renovating your bath or just because your current showerhead is an inefficient calcium laden nightmare.

Pretty much there are two types of showerheads – fixed showerheads and hand-held showers.  A fixed showerhead is well, fixed as a permanent fixture to your wall.  The fixed showerhead is the most common showerhead on the market. Fixed showerheads usually swivel so everyone in the family can bathe accordingly and to hit the shower walls when cleaning.  Fixed showers most commonly come in single handle, two handle and three-handle showers.

Hand-held showers are also connected to the wall but with a long bendy hose attached to the showerhead.  Some Hand-held showers are installed using a fixed vertical bracket on the wall.  These are cool cause they can be adjusted up and down the bracket as needed.  The Delta Traditional Three Function Hand Showeris a good example.  Hand-held showerheads are great for those with limited mobility or for easier bathing of children and your pal Fido.  Hand held showers also make cleaning the tub and shower much easier.

Although a lot of showerheads out there are nice to look at and have multiple massaging options, they aren’t the best at conserving water.  For the dude or dudess concerned about saving the planet, you might want to consider a low-flow showerhead.  These are categorized as “Green Living” products and will have a little leaf symbol on the product description.  Take a gander at the Oxygenics TriSpa Series Multi Function Water Saving Showerhead or the Delta Leland Monitor 17 Series Shower Trim Kit for good examples.  Low-flow showerheads so what you think they would do, they save water.  Actually Uncle Sam mandates that showerheads can spit out no greater than 2 ½ gallons of water per minute using 80psi pressure, low-flow showerheads are well under that curve and use less water than Ol’ Sammy says is acceptable.  Low-flow showerhead allow you to save money by reducing your water bill and the amount of hot water that is used per shower – in turn this helps save on your electric or gas bill.

Now let’s talk about the grand daddy of them all – The Shower System.  Not for the faint of heart, A shower system has valves, showerheads, hand showers, body sprays and water outlets all spitting mass amounts of water at you from all directions.  All of thisHansgrohe Raindance Showers madness can be turned on and off individually and the pressure regulated by a volume control.  These make the shower experience a lot of fun and if you’re like me you can let your imagination create a multitude of scenarios playing with all the gadgets, but I digress.  There are boxed shower systems for the budget conscious like the Moen 275 ExactTemp Vertical Spa Shower System or you can customize your own if you’ve got mucho dinero to play with.  The shower system you choose will vary in the number of valves that are used.  They can be either single handle, which controls water temperature and flow rate, or dual handled with water temperature controlled by one hand, and water flow rate controlled by the other. 

These generally are not for the water conscious like the low-flow showerheads as stated above.  Depending on the system you choose or design, it’s recommended to have at least 50 gallons dedicated to these systems and that’s only for about an 8 minute shower! 

It’s not all bad news though, if you’ve got the cake to spend, companies out there like Hansgrohe have over 206 WaterSense certified products.  They’ve introduced a cool technology into their products called EcoAIR Technology.  Basically, it adds air to every drop of water, enabling up to 40% water saving without feeling like you’re getting shafted.  If that’s not enough, they also offer a water recycling technology called The Pontos Aquacycle, which recycles shower and lavatory waste water.  Of course there’s a price tag along with this technology but if you want the ultimate shower experience without feeling guilty, this would be a good way to go.  The Hansgrohe Raindance Series has a ton of options to choose from if your in the market of designing your dream shower.

Have fun picking out your new toys and like I always say, do your homework!  With a little research on your end, there’s no reason to not love jumping in the shower everyday.  This is supposed to be a relaxing soothing corner of our world where we can wash away the stresses of the day.  Until next time, Happy Showering!

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Choosing the Right Bathroom Faucet

Yesterday I wrote about choosing the right Kitchen Faucet for your style, so I figured we’d keep this train a’ rolling with choosing the right Bathroom Faucet.  Just like Kitchen Faucets, the array of styles and finishes can become dizzying.  While shopping for your perfect faucet, you should keep a couple concepts in mind.  Start with the type of handles you prefer,  like single handle or two handle, think about your personal style and personality for that matter.  Ponder for a bit about the  finish you want and does it complement your existing bathroom accessories?  Will the faucet you choose easily fit in your current bathroom sink or will you have to hire a plumber or call your Uncle Bob to get this thing installed?  Lastly, think about the amount of George Washington’s you want to spend.  Do your research and read what you get in the box, some manufacturers package the bathroom faucet separately from the handles so you might need to buy the faucet handles separately.  Those sneaky manufacturers!  Nothing like getting a nice gift for yourself to find out it’s only two-thirds there.

The difference in price for some faucets is not what they look like on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts and that’s doesn’t just go for faucets!  Some faucets look great at first but then soon start leaking because of the plastic parts on the interior.  This means you’ll have to buck up and spend the money you should have spent in the first place on a quality faucet.  Again, do your homework and call the customer care department if needed to figure out what exactly you’re getting.

Now, I’ll break down the most popular styles so you can get a better idea what’s out there.  Oh, by the way or BTW for all you young folks, the proper term for sink faucet is lavatory faucet.  So in your search if you can’t find what you are looking for under “sink faucet” try searching under “lavatory faucet”.

Two Handle Lavatory Faucets are the most common and come in a multitude of flavors.  There’s the traditional Centerset, thAmerican Standard Green Tea Lavatory Faucete Mini-Widespread, the Widespread and the Wall Mount.  They range from a traditional style like the Moen Brantford Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet to the contemporary side such as the American Standard Green Tea Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet which is discreetly disguised as a pull-out bathroom faucet, very cool!  (Check out the pic –>)

The next two are the Centerset Single-Handle and the Centerset Single-Hole.  The single handle styles stretch from the 1980’s with the plastic ob-longed shaped pop up handle like the Moen Chateau Single Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet (I think this was in my house when I was a kid!) to the super sleek Price Pfister Bernini Centerset Single Control Lavatory Faucet.

Lastly we have some nice faucets that are the epitome of relaxation.  The Roman Tub and Clawfoot Tub Faucets.  Roman tub faucets are a really nice piece for that drop-in, free-standing or whirlpool bath tub.  The clawfoot tub faucets are nice if your style is very classic, like early 1900’s and you’ve got a nice budget to play with.  These faucets look extremly elegant and are intricately detailed, check out the Elizabethan Classics Telephone Tub Filler with Handshower for a good example.

Delta Addison Two Handle Widespread Lavatory FaucetNow that you have a better idea of what you want, let me give you a list of available finishes.  Not all of these are available for every faucet of course but it will help you narrow down your search even more.  The finishes are: Chrome, Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass,  Bronze, Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Platinum, Acrylic and Copper.  And those are just the main ones, sometimes manufactures make up their own finish names just to confuse us even more.

My biggest and best advice to you in this crazy world of faucets is to buy something that YOU like and buy a QUALITY faucet.  There are more than enough style’s of quality faucets to pick from to really let your personality shine though in your bathroom.  This is your place of solace, a place of relaxation.  You don’t want to be hearing that god-awful leaky faucet you got “on sale” every time your try to relax in the bath do you?  Until next time, happy bathing!

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Delta In2ition Two in One Showerhead

Delta’s In2ition showerhead provides a combination of a traditional rain shower unit with a removable showerhead and blends the two into one. The result is a showering experience like no other! You are able to determine whether you want the water to come out of the removable showerhead, the main showerhead or both allowing you to deliver the water exactly where you need it.

Delta’s innovation doesn’t stop at simply blending two showering options into one; the In2ition units also offer anDelta In2ition Two In One Showeradjustable flow dial that gives you the option to set the pace of the water. Select a massage spray on slow or fast or set the water to stream out steadily, your options for water delivery are endless. Delta even offers a pause button giving you the option to conserve water while shaving or lathering up, an excellent money saving and eco-friendly feature.

The In2ition series contains a special rubberized coating on the nozzle so that you can simply run your fingers over the showerhead and remove build up instantly, a simple and practical way to keep the spray clean and consistent. Delta’s In2ition showerhead is offered in a traditional or classic unit a variety of finishes from Venetian bronze to stainless. Select a Delta In2ition unit today and put the luxury back into your shower!

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Moen Flushmount Body Sprays

Moen Flushmount Body SpraysThere is no better way to bring a spa-like experience to your home than to add body sprays into your shower. Body sprays make showering a total body experience as water is delivered to your head and body simultaneously and the best way to make this experience a reality is with Moen’s Flushmount body sprays. Moen’s Flushmount body sprays install flat against the wall and have the ability to blend seamlessly with tile as well as slate. Each unit has a full twenty-degree range of adjust-ability allowing each individual in the household to completely customize their bathing experience.

One of the main concerns of homeowners when selecting new faucets and showers is ease of installation and Moenhas this covered with units that work with adjustable mounting brackets allowing the body spray to be lined up perfectly with body sprays on the opposite wall of the shower. Moen makes it easy to save money by avoiding the need to hire a contractor to update your shower. The Flushmount body spray by Moen makes it easy to bring the spa into your home without breaking your budget.

Another benefit of selecting Flushmount body sprays is being able to create a minimalist feel in your bathroom. Moen has created these sprays to be flush with your wall for a reason and that is simplicity. Each spray is flat ensuring that there is nothing bulging from the walls, nothing to bump into or get caught on when showering. Moen has crafted each spray with efficiency and durability in mind and the result is a body spray that provides up to thirty three percent more coverage than standard body sprays offered by competitors. Moen doesn’t simply rest on its laurels by producing a spray that’s efficient they are also innovative.

A body spray is good when its made of high quality materials, it installs easily and sprays well however, its great when it alsoMoen Flushmount Body Spraydelivers incredible spray patterns. Moen has incorporated spiral shaped patterns within the nozzle to deliver a spray that not only cleans it revitalizes. Many of the Flushmount units also integrate Moen’s Immersion rainshower expertise allowing the user to become fully enveloped in the spray. The Flushmount spray has been made available in square as well as round shapes in an assortment of finishes from bronze to nickel.

Moen’s Flushmount spray systems have been crafted to be compatible with many of Moen’s vertical shower systems as well as their ioDigital controls. Combining the Flushmount spray with an ioDigital control system would allow the home owner to create a completely customizable system with flow and temperature presets that ensure a consistent experience each time the shower is used. Whether the Flushmount system is selected solely or combined with a vertical shower and ioDigital control consumers can’t lose with Moen quality and innovation.

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Moen Home Care Fold Down Shower Seat

Moen Home Care Fold Down Shower SeatEveryone’s bathroom needs are different whether you have a five year old living in your home or a ninety year old Moen has you covered with a full array of fixtures and units to ensure your bathroom is water efficient as well as safe to use. Moen believes your safety is a priority thus they have developed a new Home Care fold down shower seat. The new shower seat is the ideal way to add some extra assurance in the safety department to your tub or shower and with the name Moen you can be certain this seat will be around as long as you need it to be.

Understanding that the needs of the household will vary by individual, Moen has crafted this unit to screw into the wall for stability purposes and fold up when not in use. Since the unit folds up the entire shower does not need to be occupied by the chair and the chair does not have to be removed from the tub after each use. The fold down chair was also forged with aesthetics in mind thus it arrives in a teak finish making it easy on the eyes. Quality is something Moen never overlooks and so each unit is constructed of water resistant materials along with an aluminum frame to provide faithful service year after year.

When looking at shower seating it is obvious that comfort is an important factor and Moen’s Home Care fold down seat is no exception, offering a twenty inch by fifteen inch seating surface that can hold up to four hundred pounds the seat is able to meet the needs of the toughest critics. Moen stands behind its products offering a limited lifetime warranty and an ADA compliant unit. Add a bit of understated security to your tub with the Moen Home Care fold down shower seat and rest easy knowing that yourself or your loved one can shower without anxiety.

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American Standard’s New Single Control Faucets

American Standard Town Square Bathroom FaucetAmerican Standard has added single control function to their two most popular bathroom collections. The Town Square and Copeland Collections are a staple for American Standard and to this point were only available in mini-widespread and widespread bathroom faucet styles.  The introduction of a single lever bathroom faucet for these collections makes them truly complete and expands their marketing base to a wider audience.

The Town Square Collection is modeled in a traditional craftsman style, which is blocky and has slight elegant curves. With the introduction of a single handle lavatory faucet in the collection, American Standard has raised the bar and brought life back to this collection. Design changes can be seen throughout the whole collection from the easier to install widespread sink faucet handles to the new bath and shower faucet handle. 

The Copeland Collection is also refreshed in it’s design by the introduction of a single handle faucet. This collection mimicsAmerican Standard Copeland Lavatory Faucet the appearance of expensive hardware that can be found in the most classic of homes.  Both the Town Square and Copeland collections are just as solid on the inside as they appear on the outside.  American standard designed both collections with a ceramic disc valve, which insures a long lasting drip free faucet with very smooth action at the handle.  Not stopping there, both designs are ADA compliant, easy to regulate temperature and water pressure and are made from quality brass for years of durability.  Bothcollections are offered in either polished chrome or satin nickel and are sure to look great as the centerpiece of your lavatory.

The revised collections are also very water friendly by saving up to 32 percent water as compared to other faucets. This is a great sign that American Standard is concerned and acting towards conserving our ever increasing demand for water.  The Town Square Watersense-Flowise showerhead goes even a step further to conseve up to 40 percent water, while not compromising your shower experience. 

The celebrated Speed Connect Drain can be found on both collections for a the easiest and quickest installation on the market.  Installation can be completed in literally minutes and the speed connect drain assembly never needs adjusting and is leak free for the life of the faucet.  Once you’ve had the pleasure of installing a faucet with Speed Connect, chances are you’ll never go back to the cumbersome installation of other brands.

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Black and White

Choose an achromatic scheme of black and white and make a bold, graphic statement in your bathroom.

From bathroom ceramics to taps and showers, designers are now moving away from the timeless mix of white ceramics with chrome fittings. Taps and fittings in black and white are leading the way, and while white sanitaryware remains a bathroom classic, and increasing number of manufacturers are now adding black to their colour palettes.

While white creates an aura of calmness and purity, the introduction of furniture and fittings in black adds drama to a space. A bold background upon which to create a personal space though the introduction of accessories and artefacts.

Surface textures are mixed to emphasise their finish, create effects and bring focus to a product – the rough with the smooth, high-gloss with matt – highlighting the variety of tones that lie within this monochrome mood.

For impact, pair sculptural black taps with a white basin or bath. Or lay black and white floor tiles in a chequerboard pattern – a classic combination found in many Art Deco interiors.

Chrome taps and showers add a Modernist feel, echoing the black and chrome furniture of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Many iconic pieces from this era are still in production today – a testimony to a classic look that transcends fashion.

Moen Wall Mount Faucets

Moen Kingsley Wall Mounted Bathroom FaucetLooking for a way to jazz up your bathroom with something a bit more unique than a traditional sink and faucet set? Moen has the answer with their wallmount lavatory faucets. Whether you are into the modern space age look or a classic timeless design Moen can provide you with the perfect wallmount solution. The wallmount option offers an opportune way to move a vessel sink up the class rank with a unique look and feel that most homes lack.

Yet another benefit to the wallmount system is the counter space that can be reacquired once this faucet is installed. Moen’s wallmount option helps you to create a desirable clutter free look that really opens up your counter. Once one of these units is installed you will also find that you have more room available under the sink as well giving you a bit more storage than you previously had. Moen has forged these units with their patented M Pact installation system allowing most of these faucets to mount universally with fewer bolts. The wallmount faucets are easy on the eyes and a do it yourselfers dream to install. The M Pact technology will also allow you to change out faucets easily without having to re-adjust the plumbing thereby future proofing your investment.

Moen has done the consumer one better by creating wallmount systems that are not only aesthetically pleasing they are also efficient. Moen has created these faucets to meet the stringent guidelines set forth by the EPA sponsored WaterSense program. What does this mean to you as a consumer? It means you can save up to thirty two percent more water, reduce your utility bills and conserve natural resources. Moen makes this purchase feel that much better by assisting you in saving money as well as the planet simultaneously. Take a look at the Moen Kingsley Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet for all of these great benefits in a quality faucet.

Each unit comes complete with Moen’s Lifeshine finish ensuring the faucet will not tarnish, flake or corrode under continuous water exposure. Even better, these units come in an assortment of fits and finishes from bronze to nickel so you can be certain to find the piece that completes your project in style. Feel confident selecting Moen to meet your kitchen and bath needs as each of their faucets comes complete with a limited lifetime warrantee as well as a full suite of accessories to co-ordinate your whole room.

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Efficient, Low-Maintenance Solutions For Space and Design-Savvy Commercial Baths

American Standard Introduces Two High-Performance Space-Saving Designs with Lucia™ and Huron™ Fixtures

PISCATAWAY, N.J.(August 19, 2011) — Good things come in small packages. American Standard illustrates this adage in two new commercial bath offerings that combine high-performance and low-maintenance features with innovative small-space designs. The new Lucia wall hung lavatory and Huron toilet are small in stature, but offer full-sized features and performance.

Lucia Wall-Hung Lavatory Sink

The strikingly stylish Lucia wall-mount lavatory sink offers integral side shelves – perfect for storing toiletries – and suitable for small spaces such as medical offices, hotels, restaurants and condominiums.

The practical design offers nearly 15-inches of usable storage surface and a graceful bowed front bowl that is complemented by an arching 2-inch back splash. The sink’s upscale and modern appearance is accompanied by an optional vitreous china shroud that offers a polished, clean-looking installation.

The ADA-compliant sink features a single faucet hole, with additional models offering four- or eight-inch centers available in early 2012.

Huron Floor-Mount Rear Outlet Toilet

The Huron high-efficiency toilet (HET) offers a unique space-saving shape in a floor-mount, rear-outlet design. Measuring a scant 24 ½-inches from the wall – nearly four-inches shorter than a standard toilet – the Huron toilet combines leading HET performance and product features not traditionally available to commercial specifiers.

“Specifiers need versatile products like the Huron for space-challenged applications that require
floor-mounted, rear outlet designs along with HET performance,” explains Tony D’Amato, senior product manager,commercial products for American Standard. “The Huron combines all of these leading features in one of the smallest footprints available.”

The sturdy floor-mount design of the Huron toilet is ideal for institutional and healthcare/bariatric applications, while its Right Height® rim measurement of 17 ¼-inches makes it a solid choice for accessible and ADA-compliant installations. The high-efficiency, low-consumption toilet utilizes between 1.1 and 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf), while offering direct-fed siphon jet action with a 2-inch fully-glazed trapway and a 1½-inch top spud opening.

In addition to its compact design, the Huron toilet mounts directly against the floor and wall, eliminating hard-to-clean areas. The Huron toilet features the EverClean® permanent glaze that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface, helping it stay cleaner, longer.

Both the Lucia sink and Huron toilet have a one-year warranty.

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Delta Shower Innovations

Delta 2 In 1 ShowerDelta has a large product offering which extend far beyond kitchen and bathroom faucets. They are also well known for the large selection of shower products. Not only do they make great looking showers, showerheads, hand showers and shower systems, they understand how water works. Delta Showers incorporate a number of different innovative technologies which sets them apart from the competition.

Let’s first take a look at the heart of your shower, the shower valve. The Delta MultiChoice Universal Rough works with all types of shower valves. It has the ability to control just the water temperature or the temperature and water volume separately giving you maximum flexibility.

For an interesting twist on a traditional showerhead, the Delta Traditional In2ition Two-In-One Shower has plenty of personality.  When this shower head is in its normal position it functions just like a traditional shower head with a constant stream of water. When you need to rinse off at close range or when cleaning your shower, simply remove the handshower from its docking position in the middle of the showerhead. It’s a great innovation from Delta that puts the power of two showers in one.

Many of the Delta Showers in their product line come equipped with H2Okinetic Technology. This provides a warm and rich feeling shower experience. This great innovation combines larger drops of water and a dense spray pattern which results in a saturating water experience. But don’t let words like saturate scare you, Delta packed all this technology into showerheads that are still low flow at 1.5GPM. You can also add body sprays in your shower which also has the same H2Okinetic technology. These body sprays are ergonomically shaped and retain heat longer than other brands on the market.

Delta also offers Jetted Shower Systems which are integrated into the design of the shower to make a complete package.  You can also add additional body jets, a second shower head or a handshower to make a truly luxurious shower system. Shower jets come standard with every Delta Monitor(R) 18 Series Jetted Shower System.

Delta Victorian Monitor 18 Jetted Shower SystemOf course you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a new and refreshing shower experience. Simply replacing your old showerhead with a new Delta Showerhead can make a world of difference.  You can get a Touch Clean Rainfall Showerhead or a Low Flow Showerhead for a great price and install it in minutes.  Of course if you have your heart set on replacing your entire shower than utilizing the great components listed above will deliver a perfectly satisfying and grandiose shower experience.

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