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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Stainless steel kitchen sinks add classic, elegant style to any kitchen. They are durable, easy to clean, and complement almost any existing kitchen décor.

Garbage Disposals 101: Types, Maintenance, and When to Call for Help

Garbage disposals are certainly handy when it comes to getting rid of food scraps, and while many people view them as a luxury, the truth is that garbage disposal provide incredible benefits in any kitchen. Learning how to choose and maintain a disposal will ensure that your investment lasts for years.

The Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

A good garbage disposal is much more than a luxury machine designed to make food disposal simpler. In fact, it can actually create a better global environment, a cleaner and more hygienic home environment, and even helps you avoid plumbing problems in the future.

Helping the Environment

  • Garbage disposals “chew” food, allowing it to enter the wastewater and, inevitably, the wastewater treatment plant. These plants food waste as a source of energy or even fertilizer, depending on where you live.
  • Your household will use fewer plastic garbage bags over time, reducing the amount of non-biodegradable trash in landfills.
  • Fewer carbon emissions from waste management trucks will enter into the atmosphere.
  • Landfills will produce less methane gas, which results during the breakdown of organic materials in food waste. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that harms the environment.

A Cleaner, Safer Household

  • Rotting food in the trash bin often harbors bacteria, and some of these bacteria are dangerous.
  • Mice, insects, and other pests may invade your home in an attempt to retrieve food waste from the trash.
  • Food waste stinks and these odors tend to linger long after removing the trash bag from the bin.

Avoid Plumbing Problems

  • Particles of food escape into the pipes in your home, and these are stuck in traps or even in the bends under your sink. Over time, these build up and create clogs. A garbage disposal effectively liquefies food, allowing it to travel through your drains safely.
  • Over time, the reduced need to contact a plumber to unclog your pipes saves you money. In fact, you could recoup the purchase cost of your entire garbage disposal by avoiding a single plumbing call.

Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal

Now that you understand the benefits of a garbage disposal and you are ready to install one, you should consider all of the different types and sizes in order to get one that fits your needs. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the right disposal for your needs:

  • The InSinkErator Evolution offers plenty of horsepower and stainless steel blades for an entire lifetime of operation.

    The InSinkErator Evolution offers plenty of horsepower and stainless steel blades for an entire lifetime of operation.

    Choose an InSinkErator product. InSinkErator is the number one manufacturer of garbage disposals today. The company creates high-quality products designed to last for decades with proper maintenance and care. Many of their models use very little electricity (even with a ¾ horsepower motor) and are water efficient. What’s more, they have a reputation for being easy to install.


  • Consider your septic tank. If you have a septic tank, you should carefully
    The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist injects microorganisms into food waste, helping it break down particles in your septic tank.

    The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist injects microorganisms into food waste, helping it break down particles in your septic tank.

    consider the type of garbage disposal you purchase. InSinkErator’s Evolution Septic Assist model is a phenomenal choice since it automatically injects food waste with microorganisms designed to break the waste down inside your septic tank.


  • Continuous feed models are best. These typically have an off/on switch near the sink so you can switch it on when you need it or turn it off when you do not. Batch feed models are more difficult to use and are not as convenient.


  • Go with stainless steel (or other corrosion-proof metal) blades. When you choose stainless steel, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that the blades will remain sharp and free from rust or corrosion for years to come.

How to Maintain a Garbage Disposal

Once you have installed your garbage disposal under your sink, it is important to maintain it properly. There are four tips for keeping your disposal like new.

  1. Never run the disposal without water. Water acts as a coolant to keep the motor from getting too hot, and it acts as a lubricant for the food waste to travel safely through the disposal and the pipes. Failing to use water may result in a faulty disposal or clogs in the pipes – or even inside the disposal itself.


  1. Run the garbage disposal often to prevent rust.


  1. At least once per week, feed the disposal a handful of eggshells or ice cubes. This keeps the blades sharp. There is some evidence to suggest that the eggshells scrape food particles from the blades, too, reducing the likelihood of odors.


  1. Ice cubes and rock salt remove debris from blades better than eggshells. Simply fill the disposal with ice, pour the salt over the top, and then run the disposal (with the cold tap running) for 10 to 30 seconds.

Basic Dos and Don’ts for Garbage Disposals


  • Do run a strong stream of cold water. Hot water tends to cause food to stick to the blades.
  • Do run the water and the disposal for a few seconds after you no longer hear the food.
  • Do turn the disposal off before shutting off the water as this helps to flush food particles in the disposal down the drain.


  • NEVER put your hand inside of a garbage disposal, even if the switch is off.
  • Don’t place bones, grease, oils, celery stalks, corn husks, fruit pits, or other hard, stringy items into the disposal. These cause clogs.
  • Don’t allow glass, metal, plastic or paper to enter the disposal.

Getting Rid of Odors

No matter what you do, a garbage disposal will emit odors at some time. Fortunately, it is easy to remove these odors with common household items such as ice cubes, baking soda, and citrus fruits. If you notice a smell coming from your disposal, place one to two cups of large ice cubes inside the disposal along with two tablespoons of baking soda. Then, turn on the water and start the disposal until the ice is gone. Finally, cut a citrus fruit (lime, lemon, orange, or even tangerine – whatever you have on hand) in half, and place it into the disposal. Again, run the garbage disposal with the cold water until the fruit is gone.

If the odor remains after completing this process, then there is likely a buildup under the disposal opening cover. To clean it, carefully pull it away from the sink drain and wash thoroughly in warm, soapy water.

When to Call for Help

If your garbage disposal is jammed, you may be able to resolve this problem on your own. First, shut off the power to the disposal using the breaker box – never just the switch. Next, remove the rubber drain cover to see if you can find a fork, spoon, or other item lodged between the blades. If so, simply remove it. If you cannot see anything but the disposal seems to be filled with food, open the cabinet and locate the garbage disposal unit. Most of the time, it will have a manual crank so you can cut through this debris. Your garbage disposal likely came with a wrench that completes the crank, but if you did not get a wrench or if you cannot find it, an Allen wrench works.

Finally, if you cannot get the disposal working after checking for debris and manually cranking the blades, you should contact a professional for help. Fortunately, with InSinkErator garbage disposals and their incredible horsepower, these calls may never be necessary.



Touchless Kitchen Faucets

If your household is like many, then your kitchen faucet is probably one of the most frequently used fixtures in your home. However, when you have food or grime on your hands, putting them all over your faucet is the last thing you want to do since it presents a tough cleaning situation later. Touchless kitchen faucets actually sense your presence and start the flow of water for you.

Benefits for Your Health

When you cook for your family, you know that washing your hands is an important safety protocol, especially after touching raw meat. However, after you have rinsed and stuffed your bird, what do you do? Reach for the faucet to turn on the tap to wash your hands. This creates a situation in which bacteria transfers from your hands to the faucet, and if someone comes behind you (or even if you use your now clean hands to turn off the faucet), you have just defeated the entire purpose of washing them. A touchless faucet eliminates this potential health hazard with its simple technology.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Something else to consider is the importance of keeping your kitchen faucets clean. When you come in from gardening to wash your hands, or even if you have food on them, you will need to wash your hands and then wipe down the faucet. A touchless kitchen faucet makes things simple; you do not have to turn knobs or pull levers to activate the flow of water; the faucet senses the presence of your hands and opens the tap for you.

How the Technology Works

Some of the most popular faucet manufacturers, like Moen, Kohler, and Delta, incorporate touchless technology into their kitchen faucets. While the design differs in each case, the overall technology is relatively the same. These companies utilize strategically placed motion sensors, much like those found in light fixtures and security cameras, to sense the presence of your hand or an object. Thus, with a simple wave of your hand, you can start and stop the flow of water. Some faucets also utilize a technology that opens the tap when they sense an object directly under the spout. When that object moves clear of the sensor, the flow of water stops.

Moen MotionSense™

Oil-rubbed bronze Moen Brantford faucet

The beautiful Brantford faucet from Moen in an oil-rubbed bronze finish offers MotionSense technology with a vintage look.

Moen’s MotionSense™ line of products are some of the most technologically advanced available today. There is a wave sensor located at the top of the faucet, which starts the flow with a wave of your hand. To turn it off, simply pass your hand over the sensor again. They also have a “Ready Sensor” that intelligently discovers pots, hands, cups, and other objects beneath the spout to start the flow. When you remove the object from beneath the spout, the faucet turns itself off. If you prefer a decorative vintage look, the Brantford faucet in oil-rubbed bronze is a beautiful choice.

Kohler Sensate™

The Kohler Sensate faucet in Vibrant Stainless offers a modern look with its modern technology.

The Kohler Sensate faucet in Vibrant Stainless offers a modern look with its modern technology.

Kohler offers two of their unique Sensate™ faucets, which utilize a single sensor placed strategically under the highest part of the faucet’s arch. Your hand or an object will trigger the flow of water, and it stops as soon as it no longer detects the object. Some of the other features in the Sensate™ faucets include their DockNetik magnetic docking system, which locks the detachable spray head into place after use. The spray head itself has ProMotion technology, which allows it to operate smoothly without much effort. The Sensate™ faucet comes in polished chrome or Vibrant™ stainless, with or without black accents.

A touchless kitchen faucet is ideal in any household since it protects your health and reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning grime and food from your faucet handles. What’s more, thanks to companies like Moen and Kohler, they also offer outstanding visual appeal and a lifetime of functionality.

Choosing Kitchen Faucet Finishes

Delta Faucet FinishesDelta Kitchen Faucet Finsihes

If you are building a new home, remodeling your kitchen, or simply in the market for a new kitchen faucet, there are plenty of styles, types, and finishes from which to choose. The kitchen faucet finishes that are available to you vary based on the manufacturer and the faucet style itself, but the one you choose can go a long way in reflecting your personality and style.

When to Choose Stainless Steel, Nickel, and Chrome

In the wide world of kitchen faucets, finishes like chrome, stainless steel, and nickel are neutral. They are like a pair of black slacks or beige carpeting – they go with just about any décor. Chrome boasts an unmatchable shine and a low price tag, stainless steel is the most popular metal in the kitchen all around, and nickel offers a home-like feel along with a sense of luxury. Any of these work well with any color, cabinetry style, and flooring type. However, to get the most from your faucet, be sure to pair neutral faucet designs with coordinating hardware. Think drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and even towel holders.

The Proper Application of Brushed Metals

Although the aforementioned finishes are popular and often quite affordable, there is one major caveat: they show smudges, fingerprints, and water spots easily. Brushed metal is not as reflective and the surface is more porous, making fingerprints a thing of the past and water spots much more difficult to see. According to home décor specialists, if you choose a faucet with a lot of detail, brushed metal is the better choice since it does not reflect light away from the surface; rather, it allows the eye to focus on the small details that make the faucet unique.

Don’t Overlook Gold

Brass is a classic faucet finish, and while this may make you think of the shiny, polished brass handrails in a 100-year-old home, today’s brass is not the same. In fact, quality faucet manufacturers no longer use brass with green undertones that make it appear harsh. Today, manufacturers stick with warm gold tones in their brass. For a chic, clean look, consider an all-white kitchen (sink, tile, countertops, and walls) with gold faucets, drawer pulls, handles, and other accessories. Bear in mind that a gold faucet does not pair well with a metallic kitchen sink.


Kohler K-12177-PB Fairfax Pull Down Kitchen Faucet – Polished Brass


Today’ Modern Design Ideas

Decades ago, certain finishes were associated with certain faucet styles. For instance, a classic faucet required a classic finish, and a contemporary faucet required a modern finish. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. It is possible to purchase unique, modern styles with classic finishes from some of the world’s most popular faucet manufacturers. Some of these, like Delta and Kohler, are as original as they come.

Top Brands and Available Finishes

One of the best things about buying kitchen faucets is the fact that they are available in so many finishes and styles from various brands. This means that you can start with your style and shop for the right finish, or choose your finish first and then select a style. Kitchen faucets are incredibly versatile in both their function and their aesthetic appeal, so finding one to suit your personality and décor is easier today than ever. Below are some of the most popular kitchen faucet brands along with some of their available finishes.


Kohler offers bold looks as well as classic styles that pair beauty with functionality and technology. Their faucets come in more than a dozen finishes, including:

  • Polished Chrome
  • Polished Stainless
  • Vibrant® Polished Nickel
  • Vibrant® Polished Brass
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Brushed Stainless
  • Vibrant® Stainless
  • Vibrant® Brushed Nickel
  • Vibrant® Brushed Bronze
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • White
  • Biscuit
  • Matte Black
  • Black Black

Kohler’s unique Vibrant® series of finishes have more depth than traditional finishes, which adds more dimension and appeal to these products.



Moen offers a wide variety of kitchen faucet types, such as the modern 90-degree handle, pot filler, and high-arc designs. You can choose from modern, transitional, and traditional styles, and Moen pairs them with a number of finishes to customize your look. Some of the available finishes include:

  • Chrome
  • Matte Black
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Classic Stainless
  • Glacier
  • Brushed Chrome

If you prefer the look of stainless but you hate water spots, Moen’s unique spot-resistant stainless is a great alternative. Its unique finish not only resists water spots, but also shows fewer fingerprints for a clean, sleek look in a stainless faucet.



Delta was the first company to offer the Brilliance® finish, which will not tarnish, discolor, or corrode during its lifetime. No matter what you use to clean it, even steel wool, it will hold up for the life of your home – guaranteed. This finish is not available on all of their products, however. Some available finishes from Delta include:

  • Arctic Stainless
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Champagne Bronze™
  • Matte Black
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Venetian® Bronze
  • Stainless/Cracked Pepper
  • Stainless/Chili Pepper
  • Stainless
  • Stainless/Snowflake White
  • White

Delta also offers its own line of spot-resistant stainless, known as SpotShield Stainless. Like Moen’s offering, it resists spots and fingerprints better than standard stainless.



Grohe believes that a kitchen faucet is an investment, and as such, it is important for the finish to for years to come. Many of their products contain StarLight®, a coating available on both matte and shiny finishes that guarantee beauty for a lifetime. Available finishes include:

  • Chrome
  • Supersteel
  • Stainless
  • Stainless/Black
  • Infinity Brushed Nickel

Although Grohe’s finish selection is smaller than that of its competitors, these finishes are durable, beautiful, and stylish.



Hansgrohe offers five unique and beautiful kitchen faucet collections designed for professional chefs, home cooks, and anyone who appreciates style, comfort, and design. The offer brilliant finishes designed to last, ensuring that your investment looks as good 10 years from now as it does today. Some of these finishes are:

  • Chrome
  • Steel Optik
  • Polished Nickel
  • Rubbed Bronze

Hansgrohe also has a small collection of available finishes, but you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that they will retain their beauty and shine for years to come.



Danze offers an incredibly wide range of kitchen faucet styles, whether you want a pullout handle or a traditional two-handle faucet. They also specialize in bar and convenience faucets as well as pot fillers for those who want the most functional kitchen space possible. Their products come in finishes such as:

  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Satin Black
  • Antique Copper
  • Polished Nickel

Danze offers some of the most elegant designs offered today. For a classic look that you will love, try the Opulence™ single handle bar faucet in an antique copper finish.



Pfister is a well-known name in faucets for the kitchen and bath, and they offer a diverse line of finishes that will allow you to match your décor and your personal style. Their newest offering, Slate, is a sophisticated metal finish that adds warmth and depth to your décor. Other finish options from Pfister include:

  • Black
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Brushed Nickel/Polished Brass
  • Brushed Nickel/Polished Chrome
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Midnight Chrome
  • Polished Chrome
  • Polished Chrome/Black
  • Polished Chrome/White Porcelain
  • Polished Nickel
  • Rustic Bronze
  • Rustic Pewter
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel/Black
  • Tuscan Bronze
  • Unpolished Chrome
  • Velvet Aged Bronze
  • White
  • Polished Chrome/White

Pfister’s list is vast, but not all of their products are available in every finish. However, the company does a phenomenal job when it comes to pairing design and finish, so all you have to do is choose the kitchen faucet that matches your personality.

Regardless of the brand or manufacturer you choose, you have access to a wide variety of products designed to suit just about any décor, style, personality, or theme. Whether you want a classic style and finish, something with a contemporary twist, or something bold that you have never seen anywhere else, it is possible with every one of these kitchen faucet brands.

Must Have Kitchen Accessories

Even if you’re a newbie to the kitchen or salty dog, every homeowner is in love with the kitchen.  True, some love to hate it but it is a very necessary part of our living space.  It is in the kitchen that we make our meals to go and grand feasts at the holidays or where the party seems to gather at some point in the evening. Whatever it’s meaning to you, you probably want your kitchen to look the best and more importantly function properly so it’s easy to use the space.  Sometimes we put too much into the aesthetics by adding tile or a new paint, only to realize the kitchen still function’s badly.  That’s where kitchen accessories come into play. A well-accessorized kitchen is not only attractive and visually appealing, but also one that is at its peak functionally to make your life a bit easier.

Kitchen Accessory Must-Have #1: Soap Dispenser
A soap dispenser is pretty high up there on the list for any modern kitchen, and there is a big variety of soap dispensers on the market to match or coordinate with your existing plumbing fixtures and faucets. A soap dispenser is installed right along side your trusty faucet and eliminates the need for those gross looking soap bottles on the counter top.  Plus, a soap dispenser is also easier to use when you’re busy working in the kitchen so you don’t have to get your “salmonella hands” on the soap bottle. You can choose to use it either for hand soap, dish soap or hand lotions .  Based on their recent popularity,  some faucets are now pre-packaged with a soap dispenser or you can shop for one separately.  This Delta Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is a popular model and comes with a soap dispenser.

Kitchen Accessory Must-Have #2: Hot Water Dispenser
One of the most under rated accessories for the kitchen but one that you’ll find truly indispensable is a hot water dispenser. This little baby gives you instant access nearly boiling 200 degree water for making hot beverages and soups, or to get a head start on boiling water for noodles, pasta, and other cooking requirements. The InSinkerator Series 1100 Instant Hot Water Dispenser not only looks very stylish, it’s affordable and one of the most popular dispensers on the market.

As a bonus to the environment, having hot water ready when you need it eliminates the energy used for boiling water over the cook top, which can not only save you money on your utility bills, but also saves you precious time when the kids are hungry and you want to catch your favorite shows on T.V. Hot water dispensers are available in a variety of price ranges, which makes them affordable even when your budget is small.

Kitchen Accessory Must-Have #3: Garbage Disposal
These are becoming necessary in most homes and really help your garbage and home not stink from the pot roast nobody ate last night. A garbage disposal (or food disposer) make processing food waste a breeze while allowing you to be earth-friendly. If you throw your food waste directly in the garbage then it ends up at the land fill.  That’s bad for the environment because when the food decomposes it releases gas that accelerate the greenhouse effect. Conversely, your food waste from a garbage disposal is rerouted through the sewer – where it can be transformed into useful, renewable energy. Who knew that fruit cake your Aunt Bessie gave you last Christmas would actually help save the environment?  These little workers are not very pricey, and you can reduce your family’s carbon footprint by adding one to your kitchen.  The company InSinkErator pretty much owns the market on these angry devils and with good cause.  They make top quality garbage disposals at reasonable prices.  The InSinkErator Evolution Excel is the most popular disposer on the market.

Kitchen Accessory Must-Have #4: Filtered Water Dispenser
How much do you pay for a bottle of water? Well if you get a handy filtered water dispenser in your kitchen you can put an end to throwing money down the drain. Think about this – if you drink the recommended number of ounces of water per day strictly from bottled water, you are paying over $1000 per year in just drinking water costs!  If you make the investment to install a water filtration system in your home you can have clean and safe water from the tap at home or on the go.  What’s more important is you’re not adding to our already overburdened landfills when you toss out the plastic water bottle.

These are just a few popular kitchen items to help you accessorize and yes, make your home a little more green.  Spend a little extra time to find out what the investment would be to put these little helpers in your home.  If you’ve got the money in your budget then why not save yourself some time in the kitchen so you can spend more time with your favorite T.V. shows?

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How to Install a Delta Pilar Kitchen Faucet with Touch20 Technology

YouTube Preview Image

Delta Touch faucets are the perfect way to bring the latest hands free technology into your kitchen and add some aesthetic beauty at the same time. Whether you have children that are constantly leaving dirt and grime on the faucets or you simply want to be able to keep both hands free for cleaning Delta’s Touch technology will make life a little easier.

Delta has made it easy to install these faucets so that the average consumer can do it themselves in seven easy steps by watching this video. Before you begin take the time to open the package and ensure its contents are complete. Prepare your work area by bringing out your assembly tools which should include two adjustable wrenches, a flashlight and silicone incase your counter has rough or uneven surfaces. The seven steps you will follow are listed below along with the pieces that will be required for each, giving you the chance to layout the items prior to watching the video.

1. Install Spout – you will need packet 1, a Phillips screwdriver, the spout and the isolation plate.

2. Install the Valve – you will need packet 2, the faucet valve, the solenoid valve and the hose that is provided in the package.

3. Install the Side Sprayer – please note this step can be skipped if you opted for a faucet without the side spray attachment. You will need packet 3 and the side sprayer unit.

4. Make the wiring connections – you will need the battery box and six double batteries.

5. Connect the Water Lines – you will need packet 4 and two adjustable wrenches.

6. Flushing the lines – you will only need the aeration valve tool that is provided in the package.

7. Test the Faucet Operation – no tools or materials needed.

After these seven easy steps your faucet will be installed and ready for use! For additional information from the manufacturer visit

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

Looks like it’s time to replace that worn down calcium laden Kitchen Faucet.  Whether you’re remodeling the entire kitchen and installing new Kitchen Fixtures, or just looking to replace that old sputter spout, chances are that you are a little perplexed by the number of choices available on the market today.  Let’s break it down by the most common kitchen faucet styles:

Single Handle Kitchen Faucets are a very popular basic style kitchen faucet.  They look good and range on the low end of the cost spectrum.  Some like the Delta Collins Kitchen Faucet come with a matching side spray, which is great for cleaning all the nooks and crannies and filling those large pots.  Plus these lever type models are usually very ADA friendly.

The Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with pull out or pull down spray are really handy and fastly becoming the most popular style.  Manufactures have put a lot of stock into these faucets in the recent years, and the wide assortment of styles and finishes show for it.  The style that seems to catch every one’s eye and pocketbook lately is the high goose neck.  This style has a very high clearance for larger items, some of them can rotate 180 degrees or more and usually come with 32″ of hose so you can water your lawn when you get done with the dishes!  They are a bit more expensive like the Delta Pilar Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet but if your looking for a sweet looking multi-function faucet with the pro’s stated above then look no further.

The Two Handle Kitchen Faucet is the more stately and refined of it’s brethren.  Depending on your kitchen theme they can be a great compliment to that Tuscan or Victorian type kitchen.  A lot of these models also come in the popular high goose neck style for maximum clearance and architectural appeal.  Check out the Price Pfister Avalon Double Handle Kitchen Faucet to see what I’m talking about.  They range in price from $25 bucks all the way to $1500, so you’ve got plenty of styles and finishes to choose from. 

The Two Handle Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet comes in styles ranging from old country farmhouse like the America Standard Heritage Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet to the super modern contemporary (I’m to cool to talk to you) Kohler Karbon Wall-Mount Kitchen Faucet.  These faucet styles have a lot of character and personality, not to mention they are very functional and good conversation pieces.  If you’ve got some flair in your personality, these faucets might be the way to go.  Another catchy faucet which tends to be on the traditional side is the Bridge Kitchen Faucet.  This is still a two handle faucet, just turned upright with some of the plumbing that is usually hidden under the counter now above board.  Some of these look like they could be the first faucet ever invented and they probably were fashioned this way back in the day.  So if you want to go REALLY old school and are planning on having the founding fathers over for supper, the Pegasus Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet might be for you.

That pretty much sums up the main categories of Kitchen Faucets to choose from.  The last two to mention in this article would be the Kitchen Pot Filler Faucet and my personal favorite The Bar Faucet.  For the gourmet in the house or if you’ve got some extra dough to throw around during your remodel, the pot filler is a nifty option.  It’s pretty self explanatory in it’s function, so no need to explain this one.  A popular model for this one is the Danze Opulence Single Handle Wall Mount Pot Filler.  Last but certainly not least is the bar faucet, every thing about this little guy screams entertainment.  Sadly, bar faucets are for just rinsing out your martini glass anymore like the 70’s.  They are great for doubling as a second kitchen faucet like the Delta Allora Single Handle Pull-Down Bar/Prep Faucet or they can be the source of crisp clean water for your home as a Filter Faucet.

While these are the most sought after kitchen faucet styles, each of these styles have many varieties under them that are designed to provide you with customized functionality for your particular need and wants for your dream kitchen.  Take your time and decide what’s right for you, be sure to to your research.  You should enjoy your purchase both in it’s aesthetics and functionality for years to come.  Happy Shopping!

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Home Water Filters – Do You Know What’s In Your Water?

Many of us still drink from our Kitchen Faucet on a regular basis.  Back when I was a boy we used to drink from the garden hose like there was no tomorrow.  As with everything else, water has changed and become less drinkable now a days.  There are a lot more pollutants in the air and ground than ever before.  Some people choose to go the way of the bottled water but that can become really expensive and it isn’t the best for the environment.  The other alternative and one that is becoming very popular is the Home Water Filtration System. 

let’s take a look at the most common elements found in our local water.   In most locations tap water has chlorine added to kill any harmful bacteria or parasites. It may even have fluoride added for our teeth.  There are also other contaminants that our water is safeguarded from including hazardous chemicals from septic tanks and pesticides from your neighbors garden or lawn.

The chlorine kills most of these harmful substances but there are some parasites it can’t kill such as cryptosporidium parvum, which can cause intestinal problems in some people.  Not to be alarmed and go running outside waving your hands above your head screaming.  This little guys is found in small quantities in some surface waters and normally doesn’t make it’s way to the local water supply to hurt anyone. 

What is bothersome is the amounts of chlorine, lead and nitrates that may be in our tap water.  The chlorine is meant to help keep the water supply safe but too much of it can also be a bad thing, like everything in life.  It can react with the acids from plant material that may fall into the water and form a chemical that is known to cause colon and bladder cancer.  Ok, now you can start running outside with your hands above your head screaming.

Lead is a very valid concern, we all know how bad lead paint is for the kidneys, nerves and brain.  More alarming, the pipes in some older communities may even still be made of the poisonous material.   It only takes a gram of lead in 20,000 liters of water to make it undrinkable. If you are concerned about this, you can use a Water Test Kit to see how much lead if any is in your system. 

Another one on this spooky list is nitrates. Coming from runoff, this is more a concern for rural communities but a big concern none the less.  Don’t forget about nuisance minerals, they don’t hurt people to drink but can cause issues for laundry (iron in the water causes staining), or bad smells (hydrogen sulfide gas makes water smell like rotten eggs), and calcium and magnesium (which cause hard water, and make it hard to get a lather with soap.)

We’re not done yet, the list goes on and on with dyes, paints, medications, preservatives, radioactive substances, plus minerals like aluminum, arsenic, asbestos, and much more!  Thankfully most of these are taken care of by your local water plant, but it’s always possible some could get through and cause harm.

Now that you are thoroughly staring at your glass of water you just poured yourself, let me give you a solution.  In my opinion, Water Filtration Systems are the most cost effective and environment friendly way to deliver safe and clean water to your family.  They don’t cost a ton of money and you don’t have to feel bad about forgetting to recycle all those empty bottles of water.  It’s crisp clean and safe water right from your tap.  Water Filtration Systems like the Aqua-Pure Deluxe Drinking Water Systemgo for around $330, filter up to 625 gallons of water and reduce bad stuff like chlorine, lead, VOC’s, MTBE, plus other stuff I can’t even pronounce.  They also trow in a handy lead free faucet to sweeten the deal.  So basically you are paying pennies per gallon for safe filtered water in your own home.   

Besides Drinking Water Systems, there are also Whole House Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Under Sink FiltersIce Maker Filters and Water Softeners and Treatment (for that egg smell or hard water).  If you are looking for a nice designer faucet for a bar or just to compliment your kitchen faucet, there are a lot of Filter Faucets to choose from.   

With so many variations to pick from, this should be  a serious consideration for your home.  This is one small investment that will yield instant savings, and is a good way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  And if those reasons aren’t solid enough for you, then just sell your purified water to your neighbors and friends at super high prices and call it couture water.  Thanks for reading!

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Blanco’s new pot filler collection makes it effortless, safe and stylish to boil water or soak pots

BLANCO introduces a new collection of professional grade pot fillers – including GRACE and CANTATA – with performance features like a unique swivel aerator that can move to target the center of a pot for filling and shift to rinse down the sides afterwards for soaking. Dual ceramic shut-off valves offer added safety while a generous arm reach adds convenience.

“Pot fillers have become a mainstay in kitchen design convenience as they save backs, hands and wrists from hauling sink water to the stove,” says Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for BLANCO. “One gallon of water weighs a little over 8.3 pounds. For a large pot of pasta, you could carry as much as 20 pounds of water.  Cutting that load by 50% saves time and energy, which is especially welcome when entertaining,” says Maicher.

GRACE Wall Mount Pot Filler

GRACE’s Victorian-inspired rounded sculpting and architectural detailing integrates beautifully with traditionally styled kitchens and fixtures. Available for $725 in café brown (a more durable alternative to living bronze finishes that wear quickly when exposed to cooking oils), $595 in polished chrome and $725 in satin nickel. AB1953 Lead Free Compliant. Extended length at 23-3/4″.

BLANCO CANTATA Wall Mount Pot Filler

CANTATA packs ultimate pro performance in an elegant, understated contemporary design. At home in modern or transitional settings, CANTATA’s rounded corners and sleek levers precisely fold away when not in use. AB1953 Lead Free Compliant. Available for $625 in polished chrome and $695 in satin nickel. Extended length 21-3/4″.


UNIVERSAL Deck Mount Pot Filler

Created with the serious cook in mind, BLANCO’s UNIVERSAL deck-mounted design makes filling large pots effortless – and offers an easy installation alternative to wall-mounted fixtures. Available for $895 in polished chrome and $995 in satin nickel finishes. AB1953 Lead Free Compliant. Overall length 22-3/8″.

BLANCO’s pot fillers are made from the most durable materials available. Solid brass body construction anchors the finely-tuned inner workings, including the long-lasting ceramic disc cartridges and matching soap/lotion dispensers.

–       2.2 GPM flow rate

–       Cold water only

Delta Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Delta’s Pot Filler series brings the commercial quality of restaurant faucets into your home in a design that is flexible and easy to use. The Delta Pot Filler unit is ADA compliant and offers two shut off valves making it easy to turn the faucet on or off whether you are located near the wall or in front of the sink. Crafted from industrial traditions this faucet is capable of delivering up to four gallons of water per minute.

Delta also knows that when you are an avid cook you need to have a faucet that can fill and clean pots and pans quickly andDelta Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet get out of the way when it’s not in use. After researching common uses of pot filling faucets and kitchen sinks Delta incorporated a dual joint design that grants the user the option of having the faucet pulled out into the middle of the sink or pushed back to the wall freeing up the sink space completely.

Whether you are a world-class chef or a parent of five the Delta Pot Filler faucet provides the perfect way to bring a restaurant look and feel to your kitchen sink. The Pot Filler series is offered in Venetian bronze, stainless and chrome so you can find the perfect piece to accent your current décor. Select a Delta and bring world-class quality and craftsmanship to your kitchen today.

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