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Best Kitchen Faucets

Best Kitchen FaucetsIf you are in the market for a new kitchen faucet and want to know which ones are the best, then you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a short list of faucets that we feel stand out from the rest. We’ve classified a top faucet for each of the major classes available, Pull-Out, Bridge, Two Handle, Single Handle, Modern, Cost Efficient and Luxury (that means expensive.) So let’s get started!

Our pick for a great Pull Out Kitchen Faucet is the Delta Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser and Diamond Seal Technology in brilliance stainless. This is the hottest kitchen faucet on the market right now. Not only does it look great and this version comes with a handy soap / lotion dispenser, it has Delta’s Touch20 Technology incorporated into the faucet. Meaning you can touch the faucetDelta Pilar Kitchen Faucet with Touch20 anywhere on the faucet neck or the handle to turn in on and off. It is also smart enough to know when you are touching it on and off as opposed to moving swiveling the neck from one side of the sink to the other. This Pilar model faucet has Delta’s Magnatite spray head docking system and Diamond Seal Technology, so the spray head won’t hang down and the faucet won’t leak like some other pull down faucets. You get all this for about $330, which isn’t bad for all this faucet brings to your kitchen.

American Standard Culinaire Collection Bridge Kitchen FaucetBridge Kitchen Faucets mimic the old, old style of faucets, when the plumbing pipes used to be above the counter as opposed to below. This is a great style for anyone looking to bring a bit of the early 1900’s into their home. Our pick is the American Standard Culinaire Collection Bridge Kitchen Faucet, in a satin nickel finish. The faucet is incorporated with American Standard’s Everclean technology to make cleaning your faucet a breeze and looking great for years to come. The Culinaire is a little pricier at around $475 but worth every penny if you are looking for a true quality bride kitchen faucet.

Our choice for a Two Handle Kitchen Faucet is the Moen Vestige Two-Handle Kitchen FaucetMoen Vestige Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray, in an oil rubbed bronze finish. We like this faucet for its old world styling that seems to look awesome in any kitchen on just about any countertop surface. The Vestige is intricately detailed and has a great high arch design to handle even the biggest pots and pans. Moderately priced around $370, we feel this would be a great quality two handle faucet for any kitchen.

Danze Parma Pre Rinse Kitchen FaucetSingle Handle Kitchen Faucets can be the focal point of your entire kitchen and that’s exactly what the Danze Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet will do for your kitchen. For the serious gourmet, the massive 22″ high goose neck can easily reach every nook and cranny in the sink. But don’t let its size fool you, with a simple touch of your finger the 2 function spray head easily switches from a steady flow to a powerful spray. All of this happens on a spring action wand head to make cleanup a cinch. Priced at $330, this faucet could easily be the center of attention at your next party.

For those with a more modern / contemporary taste we recommend the classically stainless steel, MoenMoen 90 Degree Kitchen Faucet 90 Degree Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is a VERY cool addition to your kitchen. The 90 Degree has smart pullout functionality with excellent reach for all your kitchen needs. This faucet comes with Hydrolock Quick Connect for easy installation and more importantly a Moen innovation, the Duralast 1255 cartridge. The 1255 cartridge is Moen’s crown jewel; this technology inside the faucet makes your faucet feel tight and new for a long, long time. Nicely priced at $300 the 90 degree is a quality faucet that appeals to the most contemporary tastes.

Delta Collins Kitchen FaucetIf budget is an issue for you, then the Delta Collins Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Matching Side Spray is a solid faucet for your dollar. The Collin’s faucet still has Delta’s signature Diamond Seal Technology for a leak free faucet and the neck swivels 170 degrees to easily reach both bowls of your kitchen sink. Priced around $130 this is a dependable and stylish faucet for the everyday kitchen.

If a luxury faucet is what you’re after, take a gander at the KWC Eve One Handle Pull-OutKWC Eve Kitchen Faucet Spray Kitchen Faucet. It really doesn’t matter what finish you choose, these bad boys are expensive! Weighing in at $1350, this is not the faucet for you if you’re on a tight budget. So why are they so expensive? I got this from the KWC website “KWC is the leader for luxury kitchen faucets in private and professional fields which successfully combines Swiss innovation with technology, precision and fascination. KWC is Water Performance.” The company is Swiss and was founded in 1874, so they’ve had a long time to perfect their craft. It’s like buying the Lamborghini of faucets (I know that’s Italian but I can’t think of any Swiss cars) and like everything else you get what you pay for. Plus this Eve Kitchen Faucet has a nifty LED light on the faucet head so you can….do your dishes in the dark?

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Delta Pilar Kitchen Faucet Collection

Pilar-Delta-Pilar-Touch2O-Kitchen-Faucet-StainlessSome of the Best Selling Products of all time for Delta, the Pilar Kitchen Faucet Collection is the perfect blend of innovation and technology. These easy to use and durable faucets make it a perfect fit for anyone looking to save time in the kitchen. This collection comes in three styles, the Pilar Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, the Pilar Waterfall Kitchen Faucet and the Pilar Single Handle Bar / Prep Faucet. All three of these faucets are designed to look great and perform flawlessly, and here’s why…

The element that really sets these faucets apart from your standard pull-out or waterfall faucet is that the most popular models come with Touch2o Technology.  This technology is easy to use, works great and gives the Pilar Collection a definite edge over other faucet collections. Touch2o Technology turns the faucet on or off with a simple touch anywhere on the faucet neck or handle.  This is perfect if you’ve got anything on your hands from, cleaning, painting or working in the garage that you don’t want to get on the faucet. It also makes your tasks in the kitchen much easier especially during food preparation and clean-up while almost eliminating cross contamination.Delta Pilar Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

Along with the revolutionary Touch2o technology the Pilar Collection includes Delta’s DIAMOND Seal Technology on all faucet models. This is an internal ceramic cartridge embedded with diamonds and acts as the heart of the faucet. This technology patented by Delta is proven to deliver a worry-free drip-free faucet that requires no lubrication, eliminates wear on seals and performs like new for the life of the faucet. DIAMOND Seal Technology is designed to last up to ten times longer than the industry standard.

InnoFlex PEX tubing is another aspect that makes the Pilar Collection a step above the rest. The PEX tubing makes it so water never comes into contact with metal and other contaminants that might tarnish the quality of your water and meets state and future national legislation. InnoFlex tubing makes the faucet easier to install and eliminates potential leak points by having a continuous water stream from your supply to the spout.

In the pull-down models, MagnaTite Docking technology is applied to keep the spray head tight against the spout using a powerful magnet. When you are done using the pull-out feature, the hose simply glides back down the spout and the spray head tightly locks back in place. AestheDelta Pilar Bar / Prep Faucettically, this is key to keeping your faucet looking new and orderly.

Along with all of these wonderful internal features, the Pilar Collection includes Touch-Clean technology which allows you to easily clean away calcium and lime build-up on the soft rubber components with a gentle wipe of your finger. This anti-lime and anti-calcium system ensures your faucet will keep looking great for a long time.

The Pilar Kitchen Collection is available in Brilliance Stainless, Venetian Bronze and Chrome. Some models offer a coordinating soap / lotion dispenser, and if you are still not sold, all of the faucets come with a five year warranty the covers faucet, finish and electrical components.

All of this comes with a very reasonable price tag, starting at $150 for the Pilar Bar / Prep Faucet and up to $420 for the Pilar Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser. With all the technology and innovation incorporated into this very popular kitchen faucet, that’s really not a lot of money compared to other top brands.

Take a look at the Delta Pilar Kitchen Faucet Collection for yourself today; you won’t be disappointed you did!

Choosing a Kitchen Sink for Your Home

Single, Double and Triple Bowl SinksLooks like it’s time to replace that old worn down hole in your counter called your Kitchen Sink.  First consider your space limitations, you don’t want to buy something too large for your space so it looks like you have a swimming pool in your kitchen.  The other direction is no good either, you should choose an ample size for all your kitchen / space requirements.  After you’ve considered space, think about your cooking habits.  Are you a single gal that eats out a ton or are you cooking every night for a family of 10?  A single bowl sink might be the way to go if your “single” ha- get it?  Or if your cooking for the Brady bunch, a double bowl sink or triple bowl sink are the way to go.

Elkay Elite Gourmet Double Bowl Kitchen SinkNow that you know what size sink you need by sizing up your kitchen and family, let’s talk finish.  The most common by far is the Stainless Steel Sink.  This sink is tried and true, it comes in a wide variety of costs, shapes and sizes.  Depending on your budget you can spend very little on a good Moen Camelot Self-Rimming Double Bowl or a whole bunch on a Elkay Elite Gourmet Double Bowl Kitchen Sink.

Cast Iron Sinkswere the way all sinks were made back when my gramps was a whipper snapper.  They are a little more limited in their shape then their bendy cousin the stainless but they have something the stainless doesn’t, color.  Another consideration of the Cast Iron Sink is it’s weight .  The kind of cast iron sink you choose with respect to installation (drop-in or undermount) will determine whether special installation hardware is necessary.  If that doesn’t deter you and you only want to make one more sink purchase in you life then cast iron is for you.  Good examples of  good Cast Iron Sinks would be the Kohler Hartland Self-Rimming Kitchen Sink on the low end and the Kohler Staccato Self-Rimming Kitchen Sink at the high end.

The new kid on the block is the Composite Sink.  More and more homeowners are choosing composite sinks for the kitchen.  They look great and the granite composite has a soft leather feel.  They are priced comparable to the stainless and have a more modern look to them.  This is the kind of sink you would find in a trendy NY loft or your rich cousins house.  There are  three main categories of composite sinks:  polyester/acrylic, quartz composite, and granite based.

Of all the three types, polyester/acrylic sinks are the lowest performing in terms of scratch and stain resistance, as they are made from soft materials that can cut and nick easily.  On the positive side, polyester/acrylic based composites tend to have a “shiny” look, which appeals to many homeowners because they brighten up a kitchen. They are also popular because they come in a variety of colors.  These composite sinks also have an affordable price for those who need to adhere to a strict budget.

Quartz composite sinks are manufactured with 70 percent quartz and 30 percent resin filler, check out the Elkay Gourmet Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink. These types of sinks resist scuff, dents, and cuts for great durability while being available in tons of finishes and colors.

Granite based composite sinks like this Blanco Blancodiamond Silgranit Series Undermount Kitchen Sink are the higher end option Blanco Composite Undermount Kitchen Sinkof the three, and are made of the most scratch resistant material that is available on the market. All three types of composite sinks are available in drop in and undermount styles.

I hope you have a better understanding of the styles and finishes for kitchen sinks on the market.  Take your time and do your research, this will be an investment to last a lifetime if you choose wisely OR you’ll just be throwing money “down the drain” (lol) if you choose to go the cheap route to save a few bucks.  Happy Shopping!

Moen Pullout Faucet Improvements

Moen Brantfrod Kitchen FaucetLeave it to Moen to make your kitchen pullout faucet experience even better. How could the firm possibly improve their already innovative designs? They started out by spending two years simply researching consumer’s use of standard pullout faucets in order to determine what they loved as well as what they hated. After all the research was completed Moen went into the lab to recreate the pullout faucet and roll in a whole new era of faucet technology. What they produced is now know as the Moen Reflex system.

Moen’s Reflex system is forged with a perfectly weighted hose that allows the spout to return to the base every time it’s released regardless of the position of the spout when it’s released. The hose is also flexible allowing the entire movement to move with your hand rather than against it. Each of these innovations eliminates the common complaints of the unit sitting incorrectly in the base as well as difficulty in maneuvering the spout around the sink.

Each Reflex system also contains a pivot joint that allows the spout to be rotated around easily ensuring that you can reachMoen Brantford Kitchen Faucetevery nook and cranny of the sink or easily fill pots and vases with water on the counter next to the sink. Moen makes it as easy as possible to clean and rinse and then move along with your day. Each new technology incorporated into the Moen Reflex system is built to work together, from the self-returning spout, to the versatile joint that allows the unit to be rotated to the solid cartridge that ensures smooth resistance in the handle for years the Moen Reflex system is a complete package.

Moen bests the competition with a faucet system that provides a greater range of motion, operates with ease, and docks itself. There are no other systems on the market that can match what Moen offers feature for feature. What about installation? Moen has you covered with simple to follow instructions that simply require you to leave a little room for the hose movement and place the weight on the appropriate section of the hoses curve. A few simple steps and your kitchen sink will be revolutionized for the remainder of the time you own your home. Shop Moen collections and look for the Reflex trademark on the faucet you select in order to discover what your kitchen has been missing.

For a better view of the Moen Reflex System, check out the video below.  And go to for the best prices on the Moen Brantford Kitchen Faucet series.
YouTube Preview Image

Hands Free Faucets – Technology For Your Home?

Working in the kitchen can be quite messy and stressful at times.  How many times do you have to wipe your hands off or use the “elbow technique” to turn on your faucet.  The majority of us have no idea that hands free faucets are available for residential homes.  If you do know they exist, are they any good?

Delta Pilar Touch20 Kitchen FaucetDelta for example has launched the Touch20 faucet line.  Touch20 technology lets you turn your faucet on or off with a touch from your wrist, elbow or forearm anywhere on the spout or handle.  Though the technology is fairly new, the market is starting to embrace the technology and the reviews are good.

The older model e-faucet, mostly found in commercial applications use outdated infrared technology. “The technology has developed a bad reputation that comes from people’s exposure with the faucets,” says Ed Detgen, director of marketing for Bolingbrook, an Illinois based faucet manufacturer Danze. “It has been an imperfect technology.”

With steady advances in hands free technology in recent years, consumers are starting to put their trust back into e-faucets and introduce them into their homes.  New e-faucets have more style going for them and a lot less commercial look.  Manufacturers are betting the sleek designs and the improved technology will give the new e-faucets a boost in the marketplace. They are a bit pricey right now with some going for $700 or more but most of the brands are geared for the high end of the market. “It seems that there is some sort of yearning for hands-free faucets,” Detgen says.

The Delta Touch20 is not the only faucet to jump on this band wagon.  New hands free faucets are popping up every day.  The Danze Parma Hands Free Kitchen FaucetMoen Destiny Lavatory Faucet is exclusively for the power room.  The Danze Parma is very popular for the kitchen and the Kohler Wellspring beverage faucet is for, you guessed it – the bar.  With so many manufacturer’s releasing hands free faucets, it’s only a matter of time before they become standard procedure in our homes.  Maybe eventually “hands on” faucets will be a distant memory and we will see them on e-bay going for outrageous prices.  One thing is for sure, technology always moves forward and anything that is proven to make our lives a little bit easier usually wins in the end.

Blanco Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Shop Blaco Products at Faucet DepotBlanco is a company that has been family owned since 1925. They started by manufacturing copper galvanized parts for hot water bottles and cookers with a staff of 30 trusted employees. Since their humble beginnings Blanco has built over 40 million sinks and is a trusted house hold name around the globe. They pride themselves of being the leader in innovation, quality and top notch service.Blanco Silgrant Undermount Sink

In years past the kitchen sink used to be merely for function and nothing more.  Now a day’s people want their kitchen sink to be as beautiful as it is functional. The kitchen sink can now be the focal point of your kitchen or even your entire home. Blanco ensures that every sink produced gets rigorously tested and inspected before is receives its trademark Blanco name and can be enjoyed in your home for a long time.

Blanco offers a wide variety of award winning kitchen sink designs at every price point. Their flag ship sinks come in either high quality stainless steel or composite and the choices of bowl variety, depths and installation styles make Blanco an easy choice for the most discerning home owner. They also offer a great assortment of kitchen faucets, matching bar sinks and accessories that perfectly compliment their most trusted kitchen sinks.

Blanco Performa Silgranit Kitchen SinkAs a company, Blanco has been the recipient of numerous awards over the last 85+ years. Recently their Blanco Perfoma Silgrant II and Blanco Micro Edge sinks have taken center stage by winning the KB Culture award, Interior Design Best of the Year and 100 Best New Products awards.  The Silgrant II received its accolades with the low divide design in between the sink basins. This low six inch divide blends the functionality of a traditional double sink with the proven design of a super single sink, you Blanco MicroEdge Kitchen Sinkessentially get two sinks in one. The Micro Edge kitchen sinks won their awards because of versatility in the design. These fantastic sinks can be installed as either a traditional drop-in sink or under mounted by a professional for a seamless look.  Even if you choose to go the easier route of drop-in installation the small flange or edge give these sinks a modern clean look.

Blanco is not only a company that manufactures award winning kitchen sinks and faucets. Their focus for the protection of the environment goes far beyond any legally required standard. They use the latest energy-saving exhaust air technology in their manufacturing plant which returns heat energy back to the production process. Water cooling technology helps reduce the water consumption in their manufacturing process by fifty percent.  Blanco uses the latest technology in computer controlled mixing machines, optimized their processes and production facilities to reduce the amount of production scrap wasted each year. They also have significantly reduced their oil consumption and CO2 emissions in all their facilities.

With all their history, innovation, durability and award winning products, Blanco Kitchen Sinks and Faucets are the choice for millions of people world wide.

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Handy Kitchen Helpers

Saving time in the kitchen is on just about everyone’s priority list and why not? Who doesn’t want a more enjoyable and efficient kitchen to use every day? Saving time in the kitchen will give you more freedom to spend more quality time with a loved one, the kids or let you to catch up on all those T.V. shows you’ve been neglecting to watch. It doesn’t have to take thousands of dollars to upgrade your kitchen into one you will enjoy and will save you time and money.  We’ve put together a few key components to making your kitchen as efficient as possible.

Touch FaucetDelta reinvented the kitchen faucet with the release of Touch2o Technology. These super handy kitchen faucets turn on or off with a single touch anywhere on the spout or handle. This makes of a very easy way to start and stop the water when your hands are full of anything you don’t want touching your faucet.  Plus by stopping the water while you are preparing food, you will save you some cash in your water bill every month and not to mention conserve water. Delta Touch2o kitchen faucets are available in the Ashton, Addison, Pilar and Trinsic collections and come in finishes like Brilliance Stainless, Arctic Stainless, Chrome, Champagne Bronze,Venetian Bronze to compliment any decor.

Soap / Lotion Dispenser– These handy helpers will make your life a bit easier by always having dish soap or lotion just a pump away. It will also un-clutter the back of your sink by replacing that giant ugly bottle of dish soap that has everyone’s fingerprints and who knows what else all over it. You can find soap / lotion dispensers that will match your existing faucet and finish pretty easily and starting around $25, this is a great alternative to the bottle and cleaner way to dispense your suds.

Hot Water Dispensers – When you think about how much hot water you use on a daily basis and the energy wasted by heating it up in the microwave or the stove, hot water dispensers make a lot of sense. These compact little units fit nicely right under your kitchen sink and provide instant almost boiling water in seconds for your, coffee, tea, soup and a myriad of other uses. InSinkeErator manufacturers a Series 1100 Hot and Cold water dispenser so you can have the best of both worlds. The cold filtered feature will save you a few dollars, especially if you are in the habit of buying bottled water. Not to mention all the energy that goes into the making and breaking down of those bottles on a yearly basis.

Garbage Disposers – There are many benefits of installing one of these hard workers under your sink. If you remember the days before garbage disposers there was always a faint odor of decomposing food from the garbage can. This smell is just unpleasant, unhealthy and can attract unwanted animals and insects. Also rotting food at the landfill releases greenhouse gasses that are harmful to the ozone layer. By having a quality garbage disposal you will enjoy cleaner food preparation and have fewer cans, bags and trips carrying garbage to the curb. Plus at some water treatment plants disposer food waste can be recycled to produce methane gas and help power the plant. InSinkErator is a leader in the disposal market and they offer a good selection of models from the Badger to the Evolution series.

Implementing one or all of these ideas will get you on the fast track to a perfectly efficient kitchen. If you already have these handy kitchen helpers in place, you might want to consider upgrading some of the older ones. Advances in technology have made these products much more efficient and cost effective in the long run. Happy Shopping!

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Popular Kitchen Faucets

Some kitchen faucets are designed to make your everyday life a little easier and can be a beautiful work of art, while others can be a headache to use and not so easy on the eyes. Having the right kitchen faucet can dramatically change the way your kitchen operates and feels by saving you valuable time and adding much needed aesthetic appeal. If you are shopping for a new kitchen faucet and don’t know where to begin, then this article is for you. We’ve compiled a few fantastic kitchen faucets that won’t break your budget and will have your friends and family complementing your exquisite taste at your next social gathering.

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets The Delta Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is one of the best sellers on the market and with goodDelta Leland Pull Down Kitchen Faucet reason, this popular kitchen faucet combines universal styling with modern technology. Delta has incorporated some of their best features into this collection. The Leland starts with a 59 inch pull down hose for a huge 20 inch reach and a 360 degree swivel high arc spout to give you water just about anywhere you need it. Once you are done using the pull-out spray head, the MagnaTite Docking system will ensure the faucet head stays firmly in place. By using a powerful set of magnets your faucet will keep its intended form and look new through thousands of uses. Delta’s Diamond Seal Technology on the inside uses a tough diamond coated valve to bring you a superior faucet that is built to last for up to 5 million uses. It also keeps water inside the faucet from coming into contact with metal components that could contaminate your water, and the Touch-Clean spray head lets you easily wipe away lime and calcium build up on the rubber part with just a swipe of your finger.  Some models come complete with a handy soap dispenser so you can put that dirty looking soap bottle under the sink.  Delta offers this Faucet in Chrome, Venetian Bronze and Brilliance Stainless finishes to suit just about everyone’s decorating taste.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucets Our pick for this category is a faucet that functions as well as it looks and the Moen Vestige Single Handle Kitchen Faucet does just that! These faucets are richly detailed with a nostalgic design and topped with a Moen-Vestige-Single-Handle-Kitchen-Faucet-Oil-Rubbed-Bronzesharp accent that goes will with more traditional style. The one lever handle lets you precisely change the water flow and temperature with a single motion while keeping your dirty or soapy hand off the faucet. This model comes with a convenient side spray to easily reach all the corners of the sink and the mounting flexibility gives you the freedom to mount the handle on either the right or the left of the faucet, depending on your preference. The installation is also a “snap” with Moen’s Hydrolock quick connect system. This allows for faster and easier installation and removal, and eliminates the need for tools to attach to the faucet to the water lines. Instead the water lines snap in place with a clicking sound so you know they are fastened securely. The Moen Vestige is ADA compliant and comes in stunning finishes like Chrome, Stainless, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Pewter.

Two Handle Kitchen Faucets The English inspired American Standard Hampton Kitchen Faucet takes the cake for our twoAmerican-Standard-Hampton-Kitchen-Faucet handle selection. These faucets are featured as a designer’s choice on the American Standard website and are the pinnacle of simple traditional styling with just the right amount of charm. Ceramic disc valves will ensure the faucet has a long drip-free life while the interior brass construction ensures durability and low lead drinking water. Hampton faucets are offered with or without a side-spray and in four distinct finishes; Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The finishes are PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which means they are scratch/tarnish free and come with a limited lifetime warranty on the finish and function. Hampton kitchen faucets are designed to look beautiful, function flawlessly and built to last.

Bridge Kitchen Faucets Although the inside of modern faucets have improved significantly in recent years, the design of bridgeGrohe-Bridgeford-Bridge-Kitchen-Faucet kitchen faucets on the exterior have not changed that much since they were first introduced over 100 years ago.  We could find no better example of these delightful faucets than the Grohe Bridgeford Kitchen Faucet. These precisely German engineered faucets are beautifully stunning and wonderful to admire. Grohe has eliminated screws and any other unsightly connections you might find on other models and have stayed true to the original design from a time when hand craftsmanship and function prevailed. Bridgeford faucets feature Grohe SilkMove cartridges, which are made from ceramic alloy and coated with a special Teflon lubricant, that deliver rich and smooth operation through many years of use. Grohe has perfected the science of metal plating to such an art, that Grohe finishes are in a class of their own. Bridgeford kitchen faucets are Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, InfinityFinish Brushed Nickel and StarLight Chrome.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Herbeay Luberon Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen SinkYour kitchen sink is one of the most important elements in your home.  This versatile fixture helps you with preparing dinner, cleaning, bathing pets and infants and is possibly used and abused more than any other fixture or appliance. Picking out a new kitchen sink for a new home or remodel can be a lot of fun.  There are so many styles and finishes to choose from and you definitely want one that matches your style and use requirements.  We’ve all heard of common sink styles like drop-in and undermount but have you checked out farmhouse kitchen sinks?  Also known as Apron Sinks, they used to be a very popular sink type due to its simplicity and function.  And It’s no wonder the design is gaining popularity again.  This cool looking sink can fit in perfectly with a modern design or a rustic country look as originally intended.

It is called a farmhouse sink due to the heavy cooking, cleaning and farm chores a yester year farmhouse kitchen was subject to on a daily basis.  Unless you actually own or work on a farm, chances are your home isn’t subject to such demands.  But that’s no reason to not have such a useful and aesthetically pleasing kitchen sink.  What makes this sink so different besides its toughness is the design.  Most sinks are built into the counter and the farmhouse sink has an apron in the front that extends down the front.  This apron adds to the durability and is the trademark design feature.

Another great aspect of these sinks is the almost limitless customization for your demands.  The traditional design, consist of oneKraus Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink large basin for heavy pots and pans.  Single basin sinks might not meet the needs of most home owners today, that’s where the double basin and triple basin come into play.  Not only is the amount of basins a flexible feature, some sinks come with a handy towel bar attached to the apron front.  Check out  the Blanco Blancomagnum Specialty Single Bowl Sink if you like the towl bar idea.

You can buy these sinks in a variety of materials and finishes.  If you’re going for a rustic or county look the white ceramic (sometimes called fireclay) like the Herbeau Kitchen Couture Fireclay Farmhouse Sink would be a good choice.  If you’re more in tune with the Jetson’s, the stainless steel Kraus Farmhouse Double Bowl Kitchen Sink might be right up your alley.  If you can afford to get set back a couple bucks and a copper kitchen sink is what you’re after then look no further than the Herbeau Kitchen Couture Copper Farmhouse Sink.  When pondering the material of your sink, the three most important elements are durability, maintenance, and appearance.

A farmhouse kitchen sink can be a really great addition to any kitchen.  If you are still wary about this design I suggest a visit to a local showroom to see and touch one in person.  Then you could always come back to buy it from us at at guaranteed low prices. (Shameless plug.)  I wouldn’t be surprised once you get your new farmhouse sink installed if you start to renovate the rest of your kitchen around your kitchen sink.  Happy shopping!

Garbage Disposals – Environmentally Responsible

garbage disposerHow many of us really think about where our food ends up when we throw it in the trash? For the most part food waste is trucked to landfills, where it is dumped and left to decompose. Nearly 19 billion tons of food each year reaches its final destination this way. You may be thinking to yourself, no big deal right? Isn’t that where food is supped to end up when we are finished with it? The only problem is, once your food reaches the landfill and starts to decompose and emits methane gas. This may not be a big deal in small quantities but on a large scale this can become quite problematic. Methane gas is at least 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide gas and a major contributor to global warming. Even though most of the media attention and global warming articles focus on CO2, methane gas is much worse.

This is where food waste disposers or garbage disposals come in to play. They serve as an environmentally responsible alternative to trucking food waste to landfills, which in turn helps to reduce green house emissions. By sending your food waste through a garbage disposer, it drastically cuts down the size of your waste and the amount of methane gas emitted. Some more high tech, waste water treatment plants even have the capability to turn your processed food waste into renewable energy which can be turned into electricity and fertilizer which is essential to the growth of new fruits and vegetables. Garbage disposers play an iatrical part in the complete recycling process. Check out this video and see for yourself!

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As far as what brand of disposal to choose, InSinkErator is the best-selling brand in the world and for over 75 years they have been the top choice of plumbers, builders and home owners. They are continuing their tradition of very efficient and earth friendly disposals with the Evolution Series. These disposals are the best grinding and quietest line of disposers on the market. InSinkErator’s patented MultiGrind and SoundSeal technologies put them in a class all on their own.

Evolution-EssentialSoundSeal Technology makes sure you never have to put a conversation on hold when you run your garbage disposer. In fact the Evolution series runs 40% quieter than other standard disposers on the market. They use a combination of advanced sound insulation and anti-vibration components to achieve this remarkable effect. If 40% quieter is still too loud for your needs, they also offer SoundSeal Plus found on their Evolution Excel and Evolution Cover Control models. This melding of multi-layered sound blocking reduces the noise by 60% and lets you have a conversation with normal voices while the disposer is busy chewing up your left-overs.

On the grinding frontier, InSinkErator hits another home run with MultiGrind and MultiGrind Plus Technology. MultiGrind is aEvolution-Septic-Assist two stage process which enables you to grind up your food waste a lot better than with pervious disposers. Two stage grinding is great for traditionally difficult foods items like bones and drain clogging foods like celery and potato peels. You can find MultiGrind Technology on InSinkErator’s Evolution Essential and Evolution Compact models. MultiGrind Plus Technology is for the serious grind fanatic. This is a three stage process that allows you to grind almost anything from rib bones to corn cobs. The patented Plus Technology also includes a Jam Sensor that virtually eliminates jams caused by food waste. With Five models in the Evolution series, you can be sure to find one that will fit all of your disposer needs.

InSinkErator-Badger-5XPAt a lower price point but with all the reliability InSinkErator is known for is the Badger Series. The interior has rugged galvanized steel construction with a powerful Dura-Drive motor. This series includes the Badger 1, Badger 5 and Badger 5xp, with 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 horse power respectively. You can find the badger series of disposers in R/V’s, condos and apartments where the demand might not be as great as a larger home.  But don’t let their little size fool you; this series is just as hard working as their big brothers in the Evolution series.

Adding a new garbage disposal or replacing your existing model is a positive step towards conserving the environment. It will significantly cut down on the toxic gasses produced by food waste and the expense to you is minimal. By processing your food waste properly, you will be doing an important part in the recycling process, which can make a big difference in the long run and that is a good thing for all of us.

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