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Green Water Heaters – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Green Plumbing FixturesHappy Earth Day everyone!  And what better way to celebrate than to reduce your carbon footprint!  We all seem to have the best intentions when it comes to saving this big blue planet floating in space but have you taken any action?  Thoughts by themselves are nice but action makes things happen.  You may be asking yourself, “what’s a carbon footprint anyway?”  Glad you asked!  Your family’s carbon footprint is determined by the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that it causes both directly or indirectly. The carbon footprint of the average family of four in the United States is 80 metric tons (or 20 tons per person) of greenhouse gas being emitted into the atmosphere each year.  Becoming aware of the energy that is used each day or perhaps more importantly, how efficiently that energy is used will reduce the effect that your family’s lifestyle has on the environment.  Thus making your family’s carbon footprint smaller.

Now that you are all versed on carbon footprints let’s talk about replacing that old energy sucker called your Hot Water Heater.  One major contributor to wasted energy in lots of homes around the country is hot water – or more specifically, the way that hot water is heated. No one really thinks about the hot water that goes down our drains with every shower we take and every time we wash the dishes.  Most families in the U.S. waste tons of energy by keeping water hot and ready for use with a traditional water heater. Around 30% of the total energy costs that your family incurs each year results from keeping this instant hot water supply ready to go when you need it.  Your hot water heater is the second most expensive to operate appliance in your home, first being your furnace or central air.

The average tank heats around 35 gallons of water. Just imagine the energy that is required to keep 35 gallons of water heated to the temperature that you find comfortable for showering. Even if you decide to run out the door without your morning shower, or if you let the laundry pile up for a day or two, or you don’t do the dishes because you ordered takeout – your hot water heater is still firing away to keep your water hot at the same temperature.  It continues to work in your absence, burning energy, increasing your utility bills, and making your carbon footprint bigger and bigger. And remember, the larger the tank, the more energy wasted.

So what’s the solution?  We suggest Tankless Water Heaters.  They’ve been around for a few years and lot’s of new home builders are Going Green by introducing them into new homes.  You can do the same for your home by converting to a tankless system.  They work by providing hot water only when needed, as opposed to keeping water hot 24/7, you can save a bundle of money over the course of time.

Here are a few benefits for a Tankless System:

  1. Save Money!  Electric Tankless Water Heaters can save ($650) and Gas Tankless Water Heaters ($400) per year.
  2. You also can get a Tankless Water Heater Rebate from Uncle Sam to save even more money!
  3. Many tankless water heaters come with a lifetime guarantee.  This may be your first and last purchase ever.
  4. Save Space!  Tankless Water Heaters are hung on the wall so you can regain that closet or corner of your basement for those golf clubs you never use!
  5. You never run out of hot water.  I’ve had a few cold East Coast showers in my life during the winter at 6 a.m.  Talk about getting started on the wrong foot!

All the above benefits are great but if we have no planet left because of us being energy hogs then all of those things are a moot point.  Our carbon footprint and the impact on the environment while we are here should be the most important reason to Go Green.  Think about this – If every household in the U.S. made the switch to environmentally friendly tankless water heaters it would reduce annual greenhouse gas emission by up to 150 million tons, saving the equivalent of 300 million barrels of oil per year.  Those are some pretty big numbers, I think that would be a good thing?

The decision to replace you antiquated water heater is a good start to thinking globally.  We encourage you on this earth day and every other day of the year to think for 1 minute about how  you and your family are impacting the planet.  Most importantly not to just think about a better environment but create one with your actions.  Every action starts with a thought and the smallest actions can have the biggest results.  Thanks for reading and may the force be with you.

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Takagi Tankless Water Heaters

Takagi Tankless Water HeatersTankless Water Heaters are not a thing of the future anymore; they are here to stay and have been tested time and time again with excellent results.  The transition from traditional tank water heaters to tankless is happening at a rapid pace. People are coming to understand the initial investment (which isn’t a huge amount of money) far out ways the wasted energy that traditional water heaters gobble up. Tankless water heaters are far more compact, they only use energy when called for and last a lot longer than their traditional cousin and no one understands this better than Takagi. They are the leaders in tankless water heaters and utilize innovative technology that makes their water heaters run cheaper, cleaner and last a lot longer.  Let’s take a closer look at the difference between a traditional water heater and Takagi Tankless Water Heaters.

First, Takagi exclusively manufactures their own circuit boards which guarantee the highest quality control of each unit. TheyTakagi KJR2-LP deliver a constantly regulated fuel to air mixture for the best efficiency. Their state of the art circuit board also monitors the in and out flow of water, maintaining an exact temperature. No more hot and cold showers in the morning like your old water heater used to do.

With traditional water heaters, only about 70% of the tanks volume is utilized so on a 50 gallon tank only 35 gallons will be available to the desired temperature.  The burner is then fired when the tank is low or when the water temperature drops below the specified amount. A traditional tank has a recovery period of approximately 1 gallon per minute and this results in a lot of wasted energy. All this equates to a poor Energy Factor (EF). The EF of a traditional heater is somewhere between 0.53 and 0.62, which means for every dollar spent continuously heating the water, $0.62 is used to heat the water and $0.38 of you hard earned money is wasted.

Tankless Water Heater ProcessTakagi Tankless Water Heaters function much differently, they only use the minimal amount of gas and water that’s called for, so there is no waste. The demand for water is the only factor that turns the heating unit on and delivers perfect temperature to your shower or faucet every time you need it. The water also flows continuously at the correct temperature as long as you need it, you will never have a cold shower again. Takagi Tankless units do not store any water and have no pilot light, which makes the Energy Factor (EF) of these units between 0.81 and 0.94, depending on the gas type and model you choose.

Takagi is committed to quality and innovation; they are creating new technology constantly to stay present with consumers ever changing needs. They produce a product that is good for your wallet and good for the environment. Choosing Takagi Tankless Water Heaters is a win-win for everyone, they provide a quality product at a great price. Check them out for your home today!

View the Takagi Website for more information.

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Pfister – 100 Years of Innovation

Shop Pfister ProductsPfister has been a leader in the plumbing industry for over 100 years, and that’s a huge accomplishment that not a lot of businesses can tout. They have defined the industry with their innovative first to market plumbing fixtures and a plethora of other products that have shaped the plumbing community. Since 1910 when Emil Price and William Pfister started the company in Los Angeles, CA they had a vision to positively change the plumbing industry by building its reputation on quality and value. Let’s take a closer look at how Pfister Products became a trusted house hold name in the last century.

The first product introduced around 1910 was a simple garden faucet and by 1920 they had a full line of products including kitchenPfister Bernini Lavatory Faucet and bath faucets. The first innovation for Pfister came in the form of a faucet with an adjustable swing spout and attached soap dish. Now entering the 1930’s Pfister invented the “Make a Shower”, which allowed consumers an easy way to convert their bath tub into a shower. As the 1940’s rolled in all of America stepped up to support the war efforts and Pfister was no exception. During WWII they produced aircraft fittings and employed many women who had to join the work force.

In the 1950’s they became a household name when they introduced the “Crown Jewel” line of faucets which were easier to install, more durable and functional. The 1960’s brought the “Flo-Matic” shower handle to the public which let consumers control both temperature and volume with a single handle. Capitalizing on popular 1970’s décor Pfister put out a popular line of faucets that showcased translucent color handles and fancy finishes like bronze which was very well received by the public.

The 1980’s brought television acclaim to the brand with their still remembered today “Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name” advertising campaign. They also teamed up with Black & Decker in 1989 which brought them into the realm of a power house business.

Pfister Ashfield Pull Down Kitchen FaucetThe momentum kept rolling right through the 1990’s with a number of first to market innovations. They introduced the first affordable pull-out kitchen faucet, making it easier for every home to have this luxury. They were also the first manufacturer of ceramic cartridge technology on all of its product lines, which is known as the “Pforever Seal”. It was the industry’s first lifetime guarantee against leaks and drips. The “Pforever Pfinish” was also introduced in this very productive decade. This new finish is guaranteed to never tarnish, discolor or corrode. Pfister also marketed the “Pfilter Pfaucet” which had a filter faucet integrated into the spout and lastly, introduced the industry’s first life time warranty that covered both finish and function.

By the millennium they won a “Best New Product” award with their “TwistPfit” system that cut down widespread lavatory faucet installation time by 50%. They merged with Kwikset who is a leader in the hardware industry to form the Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group in Lake Forest, CA. 2006 saw the introduction of the industry’s first volume control spray head for pull-out kitchen faucets. A year later they partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to produce faucets that reduce water consumption by 30%. In 2008, they won the “Professional Remodeler Award” for the industry first Kenzo wall-mount faucet. They also developed a full line of lead free faucets and introduced their “Pfister Custom Faucet Solutions”, which delivers custom designed faucets to the hospitality market in just 8 weeks.

In 2010 Pfister showcased the “Push & Seal” tool-less drain assembly which requires zero tools and installs in minutes. AnotherPfister Kenzo Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet positive merger took place as The Black and Decker Corporation merged with Stanley Works and now Pfister is part of the Stanley Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group, which makes them a worldwide brand and a dominant force in the plumbing industry. By the end of 2010 a brand change was in order and what was once known for 100 years as Price Pfister is now simply Pfister. The latest  innovation from Pfister to hit the market in 2011 is the Elevate EXT Kitchen Faucet. This goose neck faucet has an adjustable spout that easily slides up and down so you can set the faucet to your desired height. It also has a 360 degree swivel spout and an ergonomic pull-out spray head.

It will be very interesting so see what Pfister comes up with in the years to come and with all of their history, awards, effort and innovation, it’s safe to say Pfister is a company that is here to stay and has the track record to prove it. Take a look for yourself at what Pfister Faucets, Showers and Accessories have to offer your home.

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Hansgrohe Faucets & Showers

Shop Hansgrohe Faucets and Showers is a company steeped in history and quality German Engineering.  One thing is for sure, some of the best products come from Germany and Hansgrohe Faucets and Showers are no exception.  The company was started in 1901 and through the efforts of Hans Grohe and a three man team, they built Hansgrohe into a global company. In Germany up until the mid 20th century it was considered a luxury to have your own bathroom and the soaking tub was the standard practice but it was out of the priceHansgrohe Talis C Bathroom Faucet range for most people to use on a daily basis.  So the group focused their efforts on building showers and hand showers instead as an affordable alternative to the traditional soaking tub.  By 1928 the shower was fast becoming the standard and Hansgrohe was becoming a standard brand all over Germany.

This deep rooted history comes from a passion for water, which is thought of by Hansgrohe as the elixir of life. Hans’ youngest son Klaus Grohe has since taken the role as the “Green Mind” in the company.  Klaus’s three sons also play a big part in contributing to the company’s success.  Today Hansgrohe employs about 3200 workers on every continent and around 80 percent of their production comes from their five production plants scattered around southern Germany. These production plants are the reason why Hansgrohe can offer their customer’s superior hand crafted German engineering and a guarantee of quality on all of their products.

Hansgrohe Raindance CollectionHansgrohe is so well known for their superior product they have to dedicate a full team and millions of dollars a year to prevent counterfeiters from producing cheap copies of their hand showers and showerheads, especially their Raindance collection which is very popular to counterfeiters. These vast efforts are the only way Hansgrohe can ensure you are getting a certified made in Germany Hansgrohe product. See this photo of members of the Hansgrohe executive board destroying counterfeit Raindance hand showers from an illegal operation.

One of Hansgrohe’s biggest accomplishments would have to be their efforts in sustainability, the environment and climate protection.  They have achieved these goals in a number of ways like becoming a WaterSense partner and are a member of the USGBC.  They produce some of the best water saving and energy saving products on the market and have built environmentally friendly manufacturing sites and technologies. In Hansgrohe EcoAIR Handshowerthe sustainability department, one great accomplishment would have to be their patented EcoAIR Technology. This fantastic innovation adds air to every drop of water, which saves the consumer nearly 40% in water savings without detracting from the performance.  It’s quite opposite actually, most people who try Hansgrohe EcoAIR products say the experience is invigorating, and the air added to the water gives you a very satisfying experience that makes you look forward to your shower every day.

From Hansgrohe’s humble beginning over 100 years ago till today, you can feel their passion and quality in every product. A love for water and the environment would be an understatement. This is a company that you should get behind if you are just as passionate as they are about putting superior quality faucets and showers in your home and helping to conserve water and the environment.

Check out the Hansgrohe USA Website for more information about the company and their full line of award winning products.

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Exceptional Shower Products

Kohler Watertile Rain ShowerThere’s nothing like starting your day off with a nice hot shower or after coming home from a long day of work. Your shower should be a place for you to escape and relax not to just rinse off using an old rusty showerhead. If your shower is lacking style and function, we have some good alternatives for you! We’ve highlighted a few nice shower products that will be sure to liven up your shower experience and make you look forward to hoping in the shower every day. After installing these exceptional shower products you may not want to ever get out!

Hansgrohe Raindance ShowerheadsHansgrohe is built on innovation and environmentally sustaining products. But don’t letHansgrohe Raindance AIR Showerheads that fool you; they produce some of the best shower products on the planet. And why wouldn’t you want to get behind a company that prides itself on water conservation combined with superior German engineering? Hansgrohe sets the standard for saving water without sacrificing comfort. Hansgrohe produces a collection called Raindance AIR that actually infuses air into each drop of water that comes out of the showerhead. This very cool AirPower technology sucks in air from the outside ring of the shower head and is infused into the water. The result – you use about a third of the water normally used from a traditional shower head but you get a very invigorating shower. The air infused water feels richer and thicker on your skin and gives you a very satisfying shower experience.  For and easy shower upgrade, check out the full line of Hansgrohe Raindance Showerheads and feel the difference for yourself!

Delta In2ition Hand shower – This is actually two showers in one, thus the name. The Delta In2ition has a detachable hand shower right in the middle of the showerhead. The hand shower can be used on its own or in conjunction with the showerhead for Delta In2ition Shower Headthe luxury of two streams at once. Just click the hand shower back into position when no longer required and your back to a traditional shower. The stream is switched by a lever on the side of the showerhead that gives you three options: showerhead and hand shower, showerhead only and hand shower only. The hand shower has two different settings; you can easily switch between relaxing massage and invigorating spray depending on your mood and the handy pause feature gives you time to later up and not waste water. You can pick up the Delta In2ition in a bunch of classic and traditional styles and in finishes like chrome, venetian bronze and brilliance stainless to compliment any decor.

Grohe Aquatower 2000 – Now we are getting serious…This bad boy is designed for maximum performance in one compact package. The Grohe Aquatower 2000 gives you the luxury and performance of a custom shower system that can fit in almost anyGrohe Aquatower 2000 shower enclosure. This system is pretty easy to install and will enhance your shower experience tremendously with minimal effort and without major renovation costs. Included on this power tower is a Relaxa Cosmopolitan hand shower, three body sprays, thermostat valve, adjustable height shower bar, Aquadimmer transfer valve for water flow selection and a shampoo / accessory tray. All this in a buttery brushed metal finish makes this the next step in shower relaxation. To install, just connect the hot and cold water lines and attach it to the wall at two anchor points and you are off to the races!

Moen ioDIGITAL Shower System – This system is recommended for serious shower connoisseurs that want to be able to turn their shower on from their bed in the morning. That’s right, a digital shower system that turns on with the flick of a Moen ioDIGITAL Shower Systemremote control and preset to your perfect temperature and water flow. The Moen ioDigital has a 7 inch diameter rainshower shower head and four programmable presets that lets you create the perfect shower for you and your family every time. The Moen TS3420 ioDIGITAL model is the top of the line version. Of course you will have to buy the ioDIGITAL mixing valve separate but that’s a small price to pay for the ultimate in shower relaxation.

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American Standard Lead Free Faucet Innovations

American Standard Pekoe Kitchen FaucetAmerican Standard has been an industry leader and house hold name for over 130 years. Their tradition of innovation, quality and dependability are the main reasons you can find an American Standard faucet in three out of five homes in America. They produce a wide range of kitchen faucets and bath faucets that are proven to function as good as they look, marrying style and function to bring you the perfect faucet. At American Standard, safety is paramount and it’s what you don’t see inside the faucet that keeps your family safe.

In 2009 American Standard developed a new manufacturing technology that makes all of their Kitchen and Bathroom faucets lead free. Their faucets have always been lower in lead than most of their competitors by investing in lower lead technologies over the last 25 years but this new alloy formulation process reduces the amount of lead even further by replacing lead with bismuth. This means you still get the same quality faucets American Standard is known for but with trace amounts of lead. This revolutionary process produces faucets with only .25% traces of lead in the weight of the entire faucet.

American Standards brass casting technology uses permanent metal casting molds rather than the less expensive sand castings usedAmerican Standard Portsmouth Widespread Lavatory Faucet by other manufactures. The metal molds allow the castings to be preheated and after the brass alloy is poured, the metal can remain in a liquid state longer. With this casting technology, it allows them to use lower levels of lead in the alloy mix because the alloy takes longer to harden due to the preheating of the casting, thus the liquid can fill the whole casting without hardening. All of American Standards faucets meet the safe lead requirements and have a NSF/ANSI certification. And in 2010, California and Vermont passed bills to further reduce the allowable amount of lead in defined plumbing products to have a maximum of .25% lead per the total weight of the product.

American Standard Culinaire Bridge Kitchen FaucetEven though American Standard is doing their part to bring you safer kitchen and bathroom faucets that does not mean your water is 100% lead free. Along with chemicals leaching into the water supply, your city or towns water lines were most likely originally made out of lead due to its ability to prevent pinhole leaks in pipes and faucets and other reasons including lead availability and cost. In fact some U.S. cities still have lead pipes as part of their water infrastructure. Over the years these lead pipes have built up a thin bio-film on the inside of the pipes which prevents health threatening amounts of lead mixing into your drinking water.

Tighter restrictions have made faucets a much smaller factor in brining lead into your home. In fact lead is mainly ingested throughAmerican Standard Green Tea Centerset Faucet your lungs through products like lead based gasoline and lead based paints, which are far more harmful to your health. That being said, you can still take some simple steps to insure you are cooking and drinking with the healthiest water possible. Adding a water filter to your faucet like the Cleartap F30 can help improve taste and odor and help reduce contaminates such as lead. Run your water for a few second before using it to purge out any chemicals in the line. Use only cold water for drinking and cooking. Lastly you can always contact your local water utility plant and request test results from your city or towns drinking water. If you find the lead in your water to be over 15 parts per billion, you should take steps to limit your exposure.

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Moen Faucet Smart Innovations

Moen Arbor Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetSince the invention of their single handle mixing faucet in 1937, Moen quickly became a trusted household name in faucets all over the world. Through the years they have had many ground breaking innovations that have kept them on top of the faucet game. Moen faucets have always been known as easy to use and delightfully pleasing to the eye and it’s their passion for the products that make you forget just how much cutting edge technology goes into Moen kitchen and bathroom faucets. Let’s take a closer look at a few of their most recent “Smart Innovations” that keep loyal customers coming back time and time again.

Moen Reflex– We have all owned those pull-down kitchen faucets that at first look great but before you know it, the hose doesn’tMoen Aberdeen Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet contract as easy as it should and the spray head hangs down about a half inch lower than the spout. This makes for a sloppy looking faucet that has you second guessing your purchase. Moen has solved this problem with Reflex technology. Moen writes on their website: “No other pull-down faucets are as easy to use as Moen faucets with the Reflex pull-down system.” They may be right…This system is fantastic! It’s extremely easy to use and the sprayer returns to a secure docking system all by itself! Not only that but when you want to use the pull-down spray head it detaches very easily from the spout, no more wrestling with your kitchen faucet. The end of the hose has a little ball bearing just before the spray head begins. This bearing gives the spray head a nice smooth maximum rotating range of motion and the hose itself is smooth and silky, which feels very natural while you move around your kitchen sink. You can find the reflex system on such models as the Aberdeen, Arbor, Ascent, Brantford, and Woodmere kitchen faucets.

Moen Spot Resist Finish– Spending all your money on a nice new stainless steel kitchen or bathroom faucet loses its luster when you have to constantly polish it on a daily basis to remove all the finger prints and water spots from everyday use. Moen has the Moen Telford Two Handle Bathroom Faucetanswer for this arduous daily task with the invention of their Brushed Nickel and Stainless finishes with Spot Resist. This innovation does exactly what the name implies, it resists fingerprints and water spots so you don’t have to constantly put elbow grease into your faucets every day to keep them looking beautiful. This wonderful coating developed by Moen is applied to the exterior of the faucet to protect the luster and finish of your faucet. You can find the Spot Resist Finish on a number of Moen Products ranging from Kitchen, Bathroom and Tub/Shower faucets and Showerheads. If less daily maintenance of your faucets is what you are after then Spot Resist is right up your alley!

Moen LifeShine Non Tarnish Finish – Sometimes we buy faucets that look great for a year or two and one day we notice a little flake missing off the spout or discoloration. No big deal, right? In no time that flake has multiplied and turned your faucet finish into a puzzle pattern of flakes and corrosion. This does not bode well for those of us who take pride in the appearance of our kitchen and bathroom faucets. Luckily Moen has once again solved this issue for their loyal customer base by coming up with LifeShine finishes.Moen Eva Widespread Bathroom Faucet If you purchase a faucet with the Moen Lifeshine finish, they guarantee the finish to not tarnish, corrode or flake off for the life of the faucet! They came up with this super technology in collaboration with the NASA Glenn Research Center, so you know it’s got to be good. The LifeShine compound is bonded in the finish and not on it, which makes for a superior finish that lasts for the life of the faucet. You can find Moen’s LifeShine finish on Brushed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Nickel, Classic Stainless, Stainless, Satine, and Polished Brass faucet and shower products.

Moen 1255 Duralast Cartridge– Leaky faucets have been a headache for homeowners since faucets were first in vented. Then In 1937, Al Moen invented a mixing cartridge that the first single handle faucet was designed around. This Moen 1255 Duralast Cartridgemixing cartridge revolutionized the industry and put Moen on the map in a big way. Now Moen offers the next generation of mixing cartridge technology with the 1255 Duralast Cartridge. This revolutionary innovation owned by Moen is the heart and soul for a lot of their best selling single handle faucets. The 1255 offers leak free and extremely smooth operation every time you use it without fail…for life. Rigorously tested to stand the test of time, the Moen 1255 Duralast Cartridge is leaps and bounds above other competitors in the market place. It’s small and dependable design gives Moen the edge in designing the next generation of single handle faucets.

These are some of Moen’s most recent innovations that keep them as one of the foremost brands in the faucet industry. Moen faucets are reliable, dependable and will be a welcome addition to your kitchen and bathroom.

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The Sump Pump – Keeping You Above Water

sump pumpIf we asked you, what is the most important element to keeping your home safe and functioning at its peak, what would you say? You might think about your water heater or furnace. Maybe you are thinking about your new kitchen faucet or shower system that makes you smile every time you use them. Most people don’t include Sump Pumps when thinking about that question but they are a must have to make your home a comfortable sanctuary.

The Sump Pump has the dirtiest job in the home and works hard on a regular basis with almost no recognition. They play an integral role in keeping your basement and possibly your home dry and above water. This is especially important for finished basements or a space you have that’s prone to flooding and you need it to stay dry.  Sump Pumps are placed into a Sump Pit in your basemeZoeller-M53-Automatic-Mighty-Mate-13-hp-Sump-Pumpnt or crawl space under your house. When water builds up around the foundation of your home it creates pressure on your foundation. This pressure can lead to cracking in your foundation and a possible way for water to get into your home. Homes are designed with what’s called a “key drain” right above your foundation footing to alleviate this pressure and direct water into your sump pit. By nature, water always seeks its lowest point and chooses the path of least resistance. These pits are specifically designed to be the lowest point in your home, thus this is where the water will populate. Sump Pits have a rock or gravel bottom that your Sump Pump sits on if your model does not have legs. These rocks act as a filter for the water that trap mud and other debris that could clog your pump and cause the water level to rise and cause damage.

So, now that yoLittle-Giant-Sump-Pumpu know the importance of a sump pit, let’s look at the different kinds of Sump Pumps you can buy. The less popular choice of the two would be a Pedestal Sump Pump. This design has a motor that is outside the sump pit which is attached to a long shaft that reaches to the bottom of the pit where the water is. The motor is activated by a floating ball (like the one in your toilet) that turns on when the water level causes the ball to rise above a certain level. This design is not as popular as its brother, the Submersible Pump because the unit is partly above ground, takes up valuable floor space and is lacking big time In the looks department.  Submersible Pumps on the other hand are not only more efficient and quieter, they also allow for a completely closed pit design, thus being the top choice for most home owners. The majority ofLiberty-Sump-Pump Submersible Water Pumps are made from long lasting cast iron, stainless steel and tough plastic parts that resist rust and corrosion. They work on the same premise as the pedestal pump which active through a floating ball that turns on the pump when the water reaches a preset level. Both types of pump motors are powered by with your standard UL listed 3-wire plug and are easily installed in the pit within a matter of minutes.

Once you install a new sump pump, the maintenance is fairly simple and only needs to be completed once a year at springtime, just before the wet season. Here are some recommended maintenance steps you should perform to be prepared for the melting snow and rain.

  • Check to make sure your pump is plugged in to a GFCI outlet. This is important for safety; these outlets will turn off or trip if something happens to your pump. This is an easy upgrade that could save your home from electrical damage or possibly fire damage.
  • Take a look inside the Sump Pit and remove anything that could obstruct the ball float from moving up and down.
  • There is a little hole in the discharge pipe called the weep hole. Make sure this hole is clean to avoid “airlock” which can cause your pump to seize.
  •  Test the pump by adding some water to the pit, one the ball valve raises to a certain point the pump should turn on and quickly pump the water out of the pit.
  • It is recommended to have a battery backup or water-powered backup for your sump pump. This will make sure the pump still performs during a power outage. Unplug the primary pump and add water to the pit again to make sure your battery backup or water-powered backup is functioning properly.
  • Most pumps come equipped with a high water alarm, this will sound when the water reaches a certain height and the main pump and backup fail to turn on. This is usually a float switch at the top of the pump. You can manually lift this switch to test the alarm. Zoeller also makes a good product called Aquanot Flood Alert that installs independently of your pump and sounds an alarm when water reaches the sensor.
  • While the pump is in operation, take a close look at all the piping and connections to make sure everything is secure and leak free.

Spending a few minutes to make sure your sump pump and pit are in good working order can possibly save you thousands in water damage. After completing the steps above, you might also realize it’s time to replace your old sump pump. New sump pumps are an inexpensive investment that will last for years. The top manufacturers of sump pumps include Zoeller, Little Giant and Liberty Pumps. Check out each site for more information, sizing charts and models to fit the demands of your home.

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Simple Tips and Updates to Ensure a Home Safe Home

North Olmsted, Ohio… Home Safe Home… but is it? According to the Home Safety Council (HSC), home-related injuries result in nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits every year, with the top three culprits including falls (#1), poisonings (#2) and fires and burns (#3).

Since we know these leading injury causes, we should be able to avoid them — right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A recent HSC survey showed that while 92 percent of homeowners think about home safety often, only one-third were able to name a precaution they had actually taken at home.

It’s time to stop thinking and start acting! Start off the New Year by completing a few simple home updates to help protect you and your loved ones from these top home dangers.

Fight Against Falls
Did you know that a person who lives to be 75 years old will have spent an average of 1.5 years in the bathroom? That’s why it’s essential that this highly-used room be as safe as possible. Grab bars are an easy and effective solution to avoiding falls. Products such as Moen® Home Care® Grab Bars with Integrated Accessories combine the safety benefits of a grab bar with three common bath essentials — a towel bar, a toilet paper holder and a shelf — making each bath functional and fashionable. And, to motivate you to install these products — not just think about it — each Grab Bar includes Moen Home Care’s patented SecureMount™ Anchors to quickly, easily and securely install the grab bars in just minutes.

Next, add a light-sensor nightlight in the bathroom — or in the hall outside the bathroom — to provide a well-lit path for nighttime visits to the restroom. The illumination will allow you to see where you’re going and avoid any potential tripping hazards in the path.

Prevent Poisoning
Accidental poisoning is the second leading cause of unintentional home injury deaths in the United States. In fact, more than two million poisonings are reported to Poison Control Centers each year — with the highest rates among children under age five. Luckily, preventing these poisonings can be simple. To start, do nothing! That’s right — keep all cleaners, chemicals and medications in their original containers with labels to ensure that they are all used properly and not mistaken for another product.

Next, ensure that all poisonous items and medications are locked and out of reach of children. This can be as simple as adding child-proof locks on cabinets (which are simple for adults, but children are usually not coordinated enough to open) or purchase and install a medicine cabinet or storage cabinet with a built-in lock for added safety.

Banish Burns
Thank goodness 93 percent of adults report working smoke alarms in their homes. However, some burns occur without any smoke! In fact, more than 112,000 emergency room visits occur each year from hot tap water scald burns. To prevent tap water burns, simply turn your hot water heater down below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, never leave potential fire hazards, such as space heaters, candles, irons, curling irons or food on the stove, unattended. Try replacing lit candles with battery-powered “flameless” candles or put your curling or flat iron in a protective case (or even a pot holder) when finished for added precaution.

In no time at all, your home will be better equipped to fend off the top three home safety hazards.

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Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

NoritzNoritz Tankless Water Heaters are quickly becoming the popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a compact and energy saving alternative to the traditional tank-type water heater. These water heaters have a myriad of advantages and technology incorporated into them that make the decision to switch a no-brainer. If you are looking into replacing your tank-type model and would like to know more about how tankless models work and what advantages they have over their energy draining cousins, then this article is for you! Let’s first take a look at how Tankless Water Heaters work.

Simplicity is the key component to Tankless Water Heater operation:

1) When you turn on the hot water tap in your kitchen or bath faucet.
2) The cold water enters the Tankless unit and the flow sensor detects the flow of water.
3) The internal computer ignites the burner.
4) As water circulates through the heat exchanger the burner heats the water to the desired temperature.
5) Enjoy an endless stream of hot water anywher in your home. Once the water is turned off the unit also shuts off to save energy = money.

Noritz TanklessBesides the simple operation of a Tankless unit, there are many other advantages to installing a Noritz Tankless system. The first being size, on average you can save 9 square feet of floor space by installing these systems on either the exterior, garage or basement wall. Tankless Heaters also last longer than the tank-type models, Noritz Heaters come with a 12 year warranty as compared to an average of 6 years on a tank-type model. They also have an overall two to three times greater life expectancy. Tankless Heaters are 30% more efficient as compared to a traditional 50 gallon water heater, and since there is no water to constantly heat like the tank-type models, you can save up to half the cost of your current energy bill. As tank-type models age and the water corrodes the inside of the tank, your water can become rusty, discolored and unsanitary. Tankless models do not have these problems because water is never stored in the unit.

If simplicity and the advantages mentioned above are not enticing enough for you to switch to a Tankless Heater, then howNoritz Water Heater about a rebate of up to $300? Tankless Water Heater rebates are offered because they are a lot more energy and environmentally friendly alternatives. There are a bunch of energy tax credits, promotions and rebates to choose from to sweeten the deal. You can Find Local Rebates in your area, receive Federal Tax Credits and save even more with the Energy Star Rebate Program by clicking this link.

One of the hurdles that consumers face when deciding to go Tankless is the cost to replace their current tank-type heater. The price range for Tankless units can vary between five hundred and a couple thousand dollars for some of the bigger units.  This is expensive as compared to the cost of a traditional water heater. Installation is another factor but this not as big of an issue as you would think. An experienced plumber that has installed Tankless units can remove your old water heater and have the new one up and running in a matter of hours. The overall cost of installation may be a little more than just replacing your old unit but the new unit will start paying for itself immediately.

Noritz Tankless HeaterTo sum this up, the advantages of replacing your old tank-type water heater with a new Noritz Tankless far out way the disadvantages. Tankless Heaters have come a long way since they were introduced into the market. The designs and technology incorporated into Noritz units far exceed traditional units and are proven to be very dependable. Not to mention, you will be saving energy and water every month. With our energy consumption and water so quickly becoming a precious resource, you will be doing your part to conserve and protect the planet, and that is something you can feel proud of.

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