Delta In2ition Two in One Showerhead

Delta’s In2ition showerhead provides a combination of a traditional rain shower unit with a removable showerhead and blends the two into one. The result is a showering experience like no other! You are able to determine whether you want the water to come out of the removable showerhead, the main showerhead or both allowing you to deliver the water exactly where you need it.

Delta’s innovation doesn’t stop at simply blending two showering options into one; the In2ition units also offer anDelta In2ition Two In One Showeradjustable flow dial that gives you the option to set the pace of the water. Select a massage spray on slow or fast or set the water to stream out steadily, your options for water delivery are endless. Delta even offers a pause button giving you the option to conserve water while shaving or lathering up, an excellent money saving and eco-friendly feature.

The In2ition series contains a special rubberized coating on the nozzle so that you can simply run your fingers over the showerhead and remove build up instantly, a simple and practical way to keep the spray clean and consistent. Delta’s In2ition showerhead is offered in a traditional or classic unit a variety of finishes from Venetian bronze to stainless. Select a Delta In2ition unit today and put the luxury back into your shower!

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