Delta Shower Innovations

Delta 2 In 1 ShowerDelta has a large product offering which extend far beyond kitchen and bathroom faucets. They are also well known for the large selection of shower products. Not only do they make great looking showers, showerheads, hand showers and shower systems, they understand how water works. Delta Showers incorporate a number of different innovative technologies which sets them apart from the competition.

Let’s first take a look at the heart of your shower, the shower valve. The Delta MultiChoice Universal Rough works with all types of shower valves. It has the ability to control just the water temperature or the temperature and water volume separately giving you maximum flexibility.

For an interesting twist on a traditional showerhead, the Delta Traditional In2ition Two-In-One Shower has plenty of personality.  When this shower head is in its normal position it functions just like a traditional shower head with a constant stream of water. When you need to rinse off at close range or when cleaning your shower, simply remove the handshower from its docking position in the middle of the showerhead. It’s a great innovation from Delta that puts the power of two showers in one.

Many of the Delta Showers in their product line come equipped with H2Okinetic Technology. This provides a warm and rich feeling shower experience. This great innovation combines larger drops of water and a dense spray pattern which results in a saturating water experience. But don’t let words like saturate scare you, Delta packed all this technology into showerheads that are still low flow at 1.5GPM. You can also add body sprays in your shower which also has the same H2Okinetic technology. These body sprays are ergonomically shaped and retain heat longer than other brands on the market.

Delta also offers Jetted Shower Systems which are integrated into the design of the shower to make a complete package.  You can also add additional body jets, a second shower head or a handshower to make a truly luxurious shower system. Shower jets come standard with every Delta Monitor(R) 18 Series Jetted Shower System.

Delta Victorian Monitor 18 Jetted Shower SystemOf course you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a new and refreshing shower experience. Simply replacing your old showerhead with a new Delta Showerhead can make a world of difference.  You can get a Touch Clean Rainfall Showerhead or a Low Flow Showerhead for a great price and install it in minutes.  Of course if you have your heart set on replacing your entire shower than utilizing the great components listed above will deliver a perfectly satisfying and grandiose shower experience.

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