Hands Free Faucets – Technology For Your Home?

Working in the kitchen can be quite messy and stressful at times.  How many times do you have to wipe your hands off or use the “elbow technique” to turn on your faucet.  The majority of us have no idea that hands free faucets are available for residential homes.  If you do know they exist, are they any good?

Delta Pilar Touch20 Kitchen FaucetDelta for example has launched the Touch20 faucet line.  Touch20 technology lets you turn your faucet on or off with a touch from your wrist, elbow or forearm anywhere on the spout or handle.  Though the technology is fairly new, the market is starting to embrace the technology and the reviews are good.

The older model e-faucet, mostly found in commercial applications use outdated infrared technology. “The technology has developed a bad reputation that comes from people’s exposure with the faucets,” says Ed Detgen, director of marketing for Bolingbrook, an Illinois based faucet manufacturer Danze. “It has been an imperfect technology.”

With steady advances in hands free technology in recent years, consumers are starting to put their trust back into e-faucets and introduce them into their homes.  New e-faucets have more style going for them and a lot less commercial look.  Manufacturers are betting the sleek designs and the improved technology will give the new e-faucets a boost in the marketplace. They are a bit pricey right now with some going for $700 or more but most of the brands are geared for the high end of the market. “It seems that there is some sort of yearning for hands-free faucets,” Detgen says.

The Delta Touch20 is not the only faucet to jump on this band wagon.  New hands free faucets are popping up every day.  The Danze Parma Hands Free Kitchen FaucetMoen Destiny Lavatory Faucet is exclusively for the power room.  The Danze Parma is very popular for the kitchen and the Kohler Wellspring beverage faucet is for, you guessed it – the bar.  With so many manufacturer’s releasing hands free faucets, it’s only a matter of time before they become standard procedure in our homes.  Maybe eventually “hands on” faucets will be a distant memory and we will see them on e-bay going for outrageous prices.  One thing is for sure, technology always moves forward and anything that is proven to make our lives a little bit easier usually wins in the end.

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