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Shop Hansgrohe Faucets and Showers is a company steeped in history and quality German Engineering.  One thing is for sure, some of the best products come from Germany and Hansgrohe Faucets and Showers are no exception.  The company was started in 1901 and through the efforts of Hans Grohe and a three man team, they built Hansgrohe into a global company. In Germany up until the mid 20th century it was considered a luxury to have your own bathroom and the soaking tub was the standard practice but it was out of the priceHansgrohe Talis C Bathroom Faucet range for most people to use on a daily basis.  So the group focused their efforts on building showers and hand showers instead as an affordable alternative to the traditional soaking tub.  By 1928 the shower was fast becoming the standard and Hansgrohe was becoming a standard brand all over Germany.

This deep rooted history comes from a passion for water, which is thought of by Hansgrohe as the elixir of life. Hans’ youngest son Klaus Grohe has since taken the role as the “Green Mind” in the company.  Klaus’s three sons also play a big part in contributing to the company’s success.  Today Hansgrohe employs about 3200 workers on every continent and around 80 percent of their production comes from their five production plants scattered around southern Germany. These production plants are the reason why Hansgrohe can offer their customer’s superior hand crafted German engineering and a guarantee of quality on all of their products.

Hansgrohe Raindance CollectionHansgrohe is so well known for their superior product they have to dedicate a full team and millions of dollars a year to prevent counterfeiters from producing cheap copies of their hand showers and showerheads, especially their Raindance collection which is very popular to counterfeiters. These vast efforts are the only way Hansgrohe can ensure you are getting a certified made in Germany Hansgrohe product. See this photo of members of the Hansgrohe executive board destroying counterfeit Raindance hand showers from an illegal operation.

One of Hansgrohe’s biggest accomplishments would have to be their efforts in sustainability, the environment and climate protection.  They have achieved these goals in a number of ways like becoming a WaterSense partner and are a member of the USGBC.  They produce some of the best water saving and energy saving products on the market and have built environmentally friendly manufacturing sites and technologies. In Hansgrohe EcoAIR Handshowerthe sustainability department, one great accomplishment would have to be their patented EcoAIR Technology. This fantastic innovation adds air to every drop of water, which saves the consumer nearly 40% in water savings without detracting from the performance.  It’s quite opposite actually, most people who try Hansgrohe EcoAIR products say the experience is invigorating, and the air added to the water gives you a very satisfying experience that makes you look forward to your shower every day.

From Hansgrohe’s humble beginning over 100 years ago till today, you can feel their passion and quality in every product. A love for water and the environment would be an understatement. This is a company that you should get behind if you are just as passionate as they are about putting superior quality faucets and showers in your home and helping to conserve water and the environment.

Check out the Hansgrohe USA Website for more information about the company and their full line of award winning products.

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