Home Water Filters – Do You Know What’s In Your Water?

Many of us still drink from our Kitchen Faucet on a regular basis.  Back when I was a boy we used to drink from the garden hose like there was no tomorrow.  As with everything else, water has changed and become less drinkable now a days.  There are a lot more pollutants in the air and ground than ever before.  Some people choose to go the way of the bottled water but that can become really expensive and it isn’t the best for the environment.  The other alternative and one that is becoming very popular is the Home Water Filtration System. 

let’s take a look at the most common elements found in our local water.   In most locations tap water has chlorine added to kill any harmful bacteria or parasites. It may even have fluoride added for our teeth.  There are also other contaminants that our water is safeguarded from including hazardous chemicals from septic tanks and pesticides from your neighbors garden or lawn.

The chlorine kills most of these harmful substances but there are some parasites it can’t kill such as cryptosporidium parvum, which can cause intestinal problems in some people.  Not to be alarmed and go running outside waving your hands above your head screaming.  This little guys is found in small quantities in some surface waters and normally doesn’t make it’s way to the local water supply to hurt anyone. 

What is bothersome is the amounts of chlorine, lead and nitrates that may be in our tap water.  The chlorine is meant to help keep the water supply safe but too much of it can also be a bad thing, like everything in life.  It can react with the acids from plant material that may fall into the water and form a chemical that is known to cause colon and bladder cancer.  Ok, now you can start running outside with your hands above your head screaming.

Lead is a very valid concern, we all know how bad lead paint is for the kidneys, nerves and brain.  More alarming, the pipes in some older communities may even still be made of the poisonous material.   It only takes a gram of lead in 20,000 liters of water to make it undrinkable. If you are concerned about this, you can use a Water Test Kit to see how much lead if any is in your system. 

Another one on this spooky list is nitrates. Coming from runoff, this is more a concern for rural communities but a big concern none the less.  Don’t forget about nuisance minerals, they don’t hurt people to drink but can cause issues for laundry (iron in the water causes staining), or bad smells (hydrogen sulfide gas makes water smell like rotten eggs), and calcium and magnesium (which cause hard water, and make it hard to get a lather with soap.)

We’re not done yet, the list goes on and on with dyes, paints, medications, preservatives, radioactive substances, plus minerals like aluminum, arsenic, asbestos, and much more!  Thankfully most of these are taken care of by your local water plant, but it’s always possible some could get through and cause harm.

Now that you are thoroughly staring at your glass of water you just poured yourself, let me give you a solution.  In my opinion, Water Filtration Systems are the most cost effective and environment friendly way to deliver safe and clean water to your family.  They don’t cost a ton of money and you don’t have to feel bad about forgetting to recycle all those empty bottles of water.  It’s crisp clean and safe water right from your tap.  Water Filtration Systems like the Aqua-Pure Deluxe Drinking Water Systemgo for around $330, filter up to 625 gallons of water and reduce bad stuff like chlorine, lead, VOC’s, MTBE, plus other stuff I can’t even pronounce.  They also trow in a handy lead free faucet to sweeten the deal.  So basically you are paying pennies per gallon for safe filtered water in your own home.   

Besides Drinking Water Systems, there are also Whole House Filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Under Sink FiltersIce Maker Filters and Water Softeners and Treatment (for that egg smell or hard water).  If you are looking for a nice designer faucet for a bar or just to compliment your kitchen faucet, there are a lot of Filter Faucets to choose from.   

With so many variations to pick from, this should be  a serious consideration for your home.  This is one small investment that will yield instant savings, and is a good way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  And if those reasons aren’t solid enough for you, then just sell your purified water to your neighbors and friends at super high prices and call it couture water.  Thanks for reading!

For more product information and pricing, please visit  http://www.faucetdepot.com/

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