How to Install a Delta Pilar Kitchen Faucet with Touch20 Technology

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Delta Touch faucets are the perfect way to bring the latest hands free technology into your kitchen and add some aesthetic beauty at the same time. Whether you have children that are constantly leaving dirt and grime on the faucets or you simply want to be able to keep both hands free for cleaning Delta’s Touch technology will make life a little easier.

Delta has made it easy to install these faucets so that the average consumer can do it themselves in seven easy steps by watching this video. Before you begin take the time to open the package and ensure its contents are complete. Prepare your work area by bringing out your assembly tools which should include two adjustable wrenches, a flashlight and silicone incase your counter has rough or uneven surfaces. The seven steps you will follow are listed below along with the pieces that will be required for each, giving you the chance to layout the items prior to watching the video.

1. Install Spout – you will need packet 1, a Phillips screwdriver, the spout and the isolation plate.

2. Install the Valve – you will need packet 2, the faucet valve, the solenoid valve and the hose that is provided in the package.

3. Install the Side Sprayer – please note this step can be skipped if you opted for a faucet without the side spray attachment. You will need packet 3 and the side sprayer unit.

4. Make the wiring connections – you will need the battery box and six double batteries.

5. Connect the Water Lines – you will need packet 4 and two adjustable wrenches.

6. Flushing the lines – you will only need the aeration valve tool that is provided in the package.

7. Test the Faucet Operation – no tools or materials needed.

After these seven easy steps your faucet will be installed and ready for use! For additional information from the manufacturer visit

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