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Kohler DTV Shower Systems

Kohler DTV shower systems transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like environment by combining water, steam, sound and light into one unique, customizable experience. With one electronic control panel, you can create a shower unlike any other.

Complete Personalization

Personalized hydrotherapy offers a relaxing spa-like experience in your very own home. Kohler DTV shower systems provide you with the ability to control every aspect of your shower, including the temperature, the intensity of the spray from the numerous jets, and even the water delivery angle. A menu-based navigation system makes everything easy to use. DTV II provides even more outstanding control, allowing you to incorporate your favorite music, personalized lighting, and even steam into your shower experience. There are six presets available to you so that you can create unique experiences and save them for a later date.

Integrated Digital Controls

The integrated digital controls are easy to set and use. There are two systems from which to choose:

Standard DTV Digital Interface

In the standard model, you get:

  • Six presets for saving and accessing your favorite experiences
  • Temperature and hydro-massage treatment programs
  • Installation options ranging from preset to custom programming
  • Nearly unlimited showering options

The standard interface attaches to the wall of your shower via a magnet, making it easy to remove and clean. The LCD display is large and easy-to-read, and you can access all of your favorite environments with just one touch. No longer do you need multiple valve handles to change the temperature or intensity of your shower; all you need is the simple and efficient DTV digital interface.

DTV II Digital Interface

The DTV II Interface takes things a step further, allowing you to access options that are even more therapeutic from a single control panel. With the DTV II system, you get everything included in the standard interface, plus:

  • Integrated chromatherapy, lighting, audio, and steam controls
  • Wireless or Ethernet internet connection for streaming music from your network
  • Includes a 30ft cable allowing the panel to be installed a distance from the shower, if desired

Like the standard interface, the DTV II system allows for easy cleaning with its magnetic control. With the large LCD screen, it is easy to choose your preset experiences or create your own. Whether you want to rock and roll with bright lights or relax in a dim environment with your favorite classical music, you can control it all with the push of a button.

Behind the Wall: The System Components

Although the intuitive control panel is the part of the DTV system you see and the part with which you interact, there is much more behind the wall. Two components, including the Digital Thermostatic Valve (from which the system gets its name) and the media module for the DTV II system, provide your therapeutic experience.

DTV Six-Port Thermostatic Valve

The digital thermostatic valve is the main component in a DTV system, and Kohler’s gives you plenty of ports to customize your experience. Features of the valve include:

  • A digital control for precise temperatures
  • Standard ¾” hot and cold supply line access
  • Six available outlets
  • 21 gallon per minute delivery at a maximum of 45 psi

This valve is ideal for use in showering or bathing applications, and when used with a second valve in Kohler’s DTV+ system, it allows for additional ports and two water temperatures at once.

Media Module for DTV II

The media module offers the lighting, steam control, music, and more that gives you the most personalized showering experience available today. It elevates the entire experience, giving you access to chromatherapy and even your very own playlist via internet connectivity. Features include:

  • One-button access to a multifaceted showering experience
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Connections for digital mixing, two digital interface panels, lights, audio, internet, steam, or any other peripheral.

The media module works alongside Kohler’s DTV system to provide a relaxing or rejuvenating experience with complete sensory immersion. Sight, sound, temperature, touch – it is all included in the DTV II system from Kohler.

 Kohler DTV Interface

Kohler DTV - Behind the Wall

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