Moen Pullout Faucet Improvements

Moen Brantfrod Kitchen FaucetLeave it to Moen to make your kitchen pullout faucet experience even better. How could the firm possibly improve their already innovative designs? They started out by spending two years simply researching consumer’s use of standard pullout faucets in order to determine what they loved as well as what they hated. After all the research was completed Moen went into the lab to recreate the pullout faucet and roll in a whole new era of faucet technology. What they produced is now know as the Moen Reflex system.

Moen’s Reflex system is forged with a perfectly weighted hose that allows the spout to return to the base every time it’s released regardless of the position of the spout when it’s released. The hose is also flexible allowing the entire movement to move with your hand rather than against it. Each of these innovations eliminates the common complaints of the unit sitting incorrectly in the base as well as difficulty in maneuvering the spout around the sink.

Each Reflex system also contains a pivot joint that allows the spout to be rotated around easily ensuring that you can reachMoen Brantford Kitchen Faucetevery nook and cranny of the sink or easily fill pots and vases with water on the counter next to the sink. Moen makes it as easy as possible to clean and rinse and then move along with your day. Each new technology incorporated into the Moen Reflex system is built to work together, from the self-returning spout, to the versatile joint that allows the unit to be rotated to the solid cartridge that ensures smooth resistance in the handle for years the Moen Reflex system is a complete package.

Moen bests the competition with a faucet system that provides a greater range of motion, operates with ease, and docks itself. There are no other systems on the market that can match what Moen offers feature for feature. What about installation? Moen has you covered with simple to follow instructions that simply require you to leave a little room for the hose movement and place the weight on the appropriate section of the hoses curve. A few simple steps and your kitchen sink will be revolutionized for the remainder of the time you own your home. Shop Moen collections and look for the Reflex trademark on the faucet you select in order to discover what your kitchen has been missing.

For a better view of the Moen Reflex System, check out the video below.  And go to for the best prices on the Moen Brantford Kitchen Faucet series.
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