Moen Reflex System for Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

Moen Brantford Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With Reflex Technology

Moen’s Reflex faucet system is one of the first high arc pull down faucets that works with you and not against you. Moen has taken the time to study average consumers use of the kitchen faucet in order to bring a product to market that delivers exactly what you need and expect and the result is the Reflex faucet system. The Reflex faucet system is easy to pull down, offers the greatest range of motion and provides self-docking technology that makes it a snap to re-dock after each use. The Reflex faucet offers each of these features in a stunningly simple yet elegant design.

What makes Moen’s Reflex faucet so easy to pull down in comparison to other pull down faucets on the market? Moen took a long and hard look at the most commonly used angles and designed the faucet to move with you and angle itself easily with your hand. The system responds to you plain and simple, the wand is ergonomic and contains a swivel joint that allows you to reach all corners of your sink and beyond. The hose is flexible and will retract on its own allowing you to use one hand to operate the unit without struggling. Fill a pot or vase with water on the counter and swivel the hose back into the sink to clean up in one smooth motion. The Moen Reflex technology is so innovative that it has been proven to be forty percent easier to extend than any other pull down faucet on the market. After using this system once, you will wonder how you ever did dishes and cleaned the sink in the past.

One of the best features incorporated into Moen’s Reflex systems is the re-docking capability. After frequent usesMoen Brantford Reflex Kitchen Faucet many pull down faucets no longer line up when you return them or simply begin to hang from the spout, not Moen’s Reflex faucets. Designed with the perfect weighted hose and faucet head, these pieces self retract and realign themselves to return to the dock each time effortlessly. Now when your children help do the dishes you will no longer have to go over to the sink and try to tuck the sprayer back into its holster, the second they let the wand go it will climb back into place for you. It will return to this position regardless of where it was located when it was released.

The Moen Reflex sysMoen Brantford Reflex Pull-Down Kitchen Faucettem can be found in faucets in a variety of their series including the Brantford collection as well as other Moen collections, simply look for the Reflex trademark when shopping. The Reflex system is the perfect way to blend modern technology in a piece that will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. Moen has provided a new way to actually enjoy washing the dishes as well as those pots and pans again. Better yet, the Reflex systems have been crafted with ease of installation in mind, after all it is difficult to enjoy a faucet that was tough to install. Follow the install guide and simply install the hose weight just above the start of loop curvature in the hose on the side marked off with white indicator tape and maintain a small area of space for the hose to move up and down and you are ready to use your new faucet. It’s that easy! Check out Moen’s Reflex system today and discover a whole new way to clean up the kitchen.

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