Simple Tips to Conserve Water

Water ConservationConserving water is vastly becoming if not already a serious priority for most countries around the world.  It has been documented that in the next few years, more than half of all U.S. states will experience water shortages. Even though our big blue planet is covered by two-thirds water, it is not drinkable without going through a desalination process.  Although this process isn’t new or even very advanced, at this time there are not enough large scale desalination plants to provide our daily water requirements.  In fact, in 2002 there were about 12,000 desalination plants around the world in 120 countries. These plants in total can only supply less than 1% of the total world water consumption.  So as you can see this alternative is a long ways off!

The routine use of our showers, toilets, faucets, water heaters and dishwashers can add up to a lot of wasted water.  Even the smallest efforts around your home can add up to a ton of savings.  Here is a list of some simple things you and your family can do to conserve water.

Saving Water in the Kitchen

  • Do not run your dishwasher unless it’s completely full.
  • Most garbage disposals use from 2-7 gallons of water per minute, so limit the amount of times you run these angry choppers.
  • When it comes time to rinse off the dishes or produce, fill your kitchen sink with water rather than letting it run continuously.

Saving Water in the Bathroom

  • Put a timer in your bathroom and limit your showers to a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Tubs use a lot more water so use this method of bathing sparingly. If you are a bit of a tub aficionado then try and only fill itToto Aquia III Dual Flush Elongated Toilet up half way.
  • Older toilets tend to be water hogs.  You can retire the porcelain antique and replace it with a high efficiency or double flush toilet.
  • Just like the veggies in the kitchen, try not to continuously run the water while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Low flow showerheads are another great idea for reducing the amount of water wasted in the shower.
  • Don’t flush items like tissues down the toilet; throw them in the trash instead.  To further this point, some couples don’t always flush when they go “number 1” if you get my point. The wifey and I practice this method in our home, for better or worse right?
  • Test for toilet leaks by adding a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank.  Check back in a few and if the color is now in your bowl, you have a leak that needs to be fixed.
  • Installing an aerator on your faucet reduces the water flow and can be installed quickly.

Save Water in the Laundry Room

  • Top load washing machines can use up to 25 gallons for each wash!  Front load machines are much better in this department.
  • Be sure to adjust the water level accordingly when you do run the washing machine.  This little step can save gallons per load.

Save Water outside the Home

  • Try and choose plants that have a low water requirement and don’t need daily drinks.
  • The best parts of the day to water your garden or lawn are the early morning or late afternoon.  You will use less water and get better results.  Also, don’t bother to water on super windy days, the water won’t get where it’s supposed to and it’s a total waste.
  • I know a lot of you guys out there are big on “Hosin Things Down!”  It took me a while to break this habit too.  I know it looks nice when everything is all sparkly and shiny but it’s a huge waste of water.  Put your back into it and use a broom instead.

Adopting some or all of these little tips into your daily routine will really save you money and more importantly our planet in the long run.  We’ve all got stuck in the habit of being giant water hogs and in my opinion haven’t really thought about water as an issue.  I’m here to tell you that it’s a major concern and epidemic in some countries.  We like to think that us ‘Mericans’ (as Bush Jr. would say) live in a bubble and that it’s someone else’s problem.  I hope as a whole we can reverse this mindset before it REALLY hits home.  And if you still think “not my problem” you might wake up one day and nothing comes out of your faucet, hey but at least your drive way looks great!  Thanks for reading and get involved!

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