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Delta Trinsic Collection – Sleek Elegance of Modern Design

Delta Trinsic Faucet Collection
Aside from its beautiful, modern aesthetic appeal, the Delta Trinsic Collection also provides lasting functionality and enhanced performance. These faucets and more come with innovative features and in plenty of designs to complement any kitchen or bathroom.


Delta Trinsic Kitchen Products

Colors and Styles

Your kitchen faucets should be as versatile as your decorating style, and that is why Delta offers several unique colors and styles. You can choose from eight different faucets, including single-handle bar/prep faucets and center-set kitchen faucets. There are also pullout single handle faucets, giving you more freedom, and faucet sets with Touch20 Technology allow you to activate the flow of water with nothing more than the touch of your hand. All of these faucets are available in a range of colors and finishes, including Champagne Bronze, Matte Black, Chrome, and Arctic Stainless.

Innovative Features and Technologies

Delta takes kitchen faucets to a brand new level with the inclusion of several technologies designed to make life simpler and easier. These include:

  • DIAMOND Seal Technology – combines the strength of diamond with the flexibility of InnoFlex PEX waterways to ensure that your faucets last a lifetime. The DIAMOND Valve cartridge allows users to set the range of handle motion, too, preventing scalds.
  • Touch Clean – Rather than a traditional screen aerator, the Delta faucets that make up the Trinsic collection contain soft rubber nubs that make cleaning easier than ever. Simply wipe and go!
  • Water Efficiency – Delta Trinsic faucets offer a flow rate of 1.5 to 1.8 gallons per minute, which is significantly less than the industry standard 2.2 gallons per minute.
  • MagnaTite Docking – Pull-down spray wands make installation simple, and they provide more controlled spray right where you need it. Delta’s MagnaTite technology ensures that the wand stays firmly in place while docked thanks to powerful magnets. Most of the wands also have a toggle feature, allowing you to switch between stream and aerated spray with a single touch of your finger.
  • Touch20 Technology – Cooking and cleaning is a snap in the kitchen with Touch20 Technology. Simply use your hand, wrist, or forearm to tap anywhere on the spout or handle to start or stop the flow of water.


Delta Trinsic Bath Products

Colors and Styles

Delta’s Trinsic Bath collection allows you to create any look imaginable in your bathtub and sink area, but it also provides you with features that are innovative and exciting. The long-lasting, affordable hardware from Delta allows you to get the look and style you want in your bathroom at an affordable price. You will find products to fit your bath and shower, Roman tub, bidet, and more, and you can even purchase complementary grab bars, towel bars, and tissue holders. These are available in Champagne Bronze, Venetian Bronze, Stainless, and Chrome.

Innovative Features and Technologies

Like the Delta Trinsic kitchen line, Delta’s collection of bathroom products offers unique features that will save you time and money while boosting your comfort level. These include:

  • DIAMOND Seal Technology – the amazing properties of diamonds create faucets that work like new for years to come. The DIAMOND valves also allow you to set the maximum water temperatures to prevent scalds and burns.
  • H20Kinetic Showers – The H20Kinetic technology gives you a lower flow from your showerhead – but it does not feel like a low flow shower. Unique internal systems control everything from the speed of motion, droplet size, and even movement angle of the water to make you feel as if you are using more water than a standard shower when you are actually using much less.
  • WaterSense Products – Many of the products in the Delta Trinsic collection bear the WaterSense label, which means they meet strict guidelines set forth by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regarding water conservation.
  • Delta Monitor – Something as simple as opening a faucet or flushing a toilet can cause potentially unsafe changes in water temperature during a shower. Fortunately, Delta Monitor faucets incorporate a special pressure balance valve to help keep temperature within a safer range as you shower. They also include a high-limit stop, which prevents children or even adults from scalding themselves with high-temperature water.
  • Water Efficiency – The bathroom faucets in the Trinsic collection use 1.5 gallons per minute instead of the industry standard rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Showerheads and hand showers use 1.5 or 2.0 gallons per minute instead of 2.5.

If you are searching for beautiful products that will last a lifetime, give you access to convenient features, and even help you in your quest to preserve water for the sake of the planet and your budget, then the Delta Trinsic collection is the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom.


Photos from the Delta Trinsic Kitchen Collection


Photos from the Delta Trinsic Bathroom Collection

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